Subtitle Edit 3.2 for Linux

SE 3.2 for Linux is out

This works well for me on Ubuntu, but my knowledge of Linux is rather small, so... ;)

by Fred at 11-01-12 08:19
It works also on LMDE, great !

I want to import transcription files generated by F4 ( The format of the file is :

#00:00:31-6# text subtitle1 #00:00:33-1# text subtitle2 #00:00:39-2#

SE on linux says "unknown subtitle type". Could you help please ?
Thank you!!

by Asya at 11-17-12 20:57
Is there real Linux version of the program?

I found some files in the pack, but there is no one deb-file in it. There is exe-file in it, but I could not open it through Wine.
Well, I am newbie of Linux and may be I have done something wrong :rolleyes:
Is anybody tried to use this version?
I do not speak English well.

So I want to get answer: "You are right, this version is not for Linux" and I want to get working program


"You are one of that dummies! This version is for Linux. See what's wrong with your computer and head."


by Fred at 11-18-12 06:19
This requires the Mono:

See README for more info

by Gonbe at 12-10-01 04:26
Hi. On suse here. I have tesseract specifically these packages:
But the "ocr with tesseract" doesn't even make an attempt to ocr. Any clues? I also have LMDE, so I might try there.

by at 12-10-01 13:52
Hi Gonbe!

Where is the tesseract data files located?

Code for locating tesseractdata files looks like this:
if (System.IO.Directory.Exists("/usr/share/tesseract-ocr/tessdata"))
return "/usr/share/tesseract-ocr/tessdata";
else if (System.IO.Directory.Exists("/usr/share/tesseract/tessdata"))
return "/usr/share/tesseract/tessdata";
else if (System.IO.Directory.Exists("/usr/share/tessdata"))
return "/usr/share/tessdata";

You can debug with Mono Develop (if you know a bit of programming)

by Thanasis at 16-03-07 15:15
Hi, there. I'm using SE for a long time with Windows, and I decided to run it on Kubuntu. I already installed wine version but for some reason it's not responding with that, only by running it through mono. What's more, when I load the video the tool freezes. I'm using the 3413 version. What exactly is the problem?

by Prashanth Palaparthi at 17-04-03 12:59
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by Joe at 19-21-04 11:30
Subtitle edit gonna work in some point on Linux? Because is not working fine even in Wine.
The tesseract is the big problem, so you can't use the program to convert .sup/idx (PGS) or whatever to .srt or any other.
Linux is growing very faster everyday.
For normal spelling and translations they are other options that work fine.... but in this century just develop one program like this just for Windows has not sense, at all. Thanks.

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