Subtitle Edit 1.8.14

Subtitle Edit 1.8.14 is now available for download.

Change log

  • New: Support for .mkv (Matroska) files.
  • New: Main window now allow (drag and) drop of subtitles (Tom-Vidar Nilsen).
  • Improved: More accurate when using visual sync (Tom-Vidar Nilsen).
  • Improved: Visual Sync - movie auto loaded if same name as subtitle (Tom-Vidar Nilsen).
  • Improved: Millisecs are now 3 digits instead of 2.
  • Improved: Can now get avi info (frame/time) in Windows Vista.

Thx to Tom-Vidar for code and suggestions :)

by JeanPoL at 08-05-12 23:12
Excelent piece of soft!!! congratulations!

by Eric at 08-20-12 17:24
Excellent indeed, but I keep getting this error on Vista:

The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occured in the application at location 0x773342eb

Exception EOleSysError in module SubtitleEdit.exe at 0007E525 Class not registered

Any ideas?

by Nikse at 08-26-12 21:48
Hi Eric!

I have tried on a few machines with Vista... and it works.

It must be related to Windows Media Player, so perhaps a re-install of WMP will fix this. Also, check if this exists file exists: C:\WINDOWS\System32\msdxm.ocx (LIBID: {22D6F304-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95})

by users at 09-27-01 20:58
Excuse me!
Where is the source code?

It's not here: SE18.rar

by Nikse at 09-28-01 16:16
try here

by users at 09-28-01 19:16

by Guzeppi at 09-25-02 12:18

There seems to be a conflict when using visual sync and the latest DivX codec packaged with DivX7 (Version 6.85). Produces a floating point error.

Using Windows XP SP3 as OS.

by Nikse at 09-25-02 16:06
Hi Guzeppi!

Perhaps you could try the latest beta:

It uses a new version of Windows Media Player.

by Guzeppi at 09-25-02 17:42
WOW, Didn't expect an answer so quick. Thanks!

Anyway, I unpacked the binary SubtitleEdit.exe into the folder containing the 1.8.14 files. Also added the two dll files as well as the Source code subfolder (just in case).

Unfortunately "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). " Is the message I got.

Should I do something else?

by Nikse at 09-25-02 18:29
Hm, I'm not really sure... But you could try to re-install windows media player - what version do you have?

Also, this new version requires Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or newer, but you probably have that. Right?

by Guzeppi at 09-25-02 19:08

OK, No, I don't have .net installed. Time to do it I guess, been putting it off long enough since my last clean install.

OK. Will get back to you after I install .NET.

BTW I am using WMP 9.

by Guzeppi at 09-25-02 19:41
Again, I have to say WOW!

Worked 100% after .NET installation. And that of course includes the Visual Sync.

Looks great... what a major revamp, and there seems to be new functionality.

Gorgeous. WELL DONE!

I'll keep testing this beta and will get back to you with anything that should be reported.

In the meantime.

Thank You!!

by Nikse at 09-25-02 22:20
Thx :)

This is a complete rewrite to C# (the code is now much nicer and object oriented - easier to add new features and fix bugs). Older versions is written in Delphi.

SE can now handle other file formats than ANSI (UTF7, UTF8, unicode).

by Guzeppi at 09-26-02 08:02
Well it looks great!

And I especially like the "Fix Common Errors" function (and the tick box choices)together with the extra tab that shows you the fixes it does before you accept the changes by pressing OK. I also think that the undo function is a very clever idea.

So its a wonderful piece of software you're making. I know its still beta and you still have to finalise some things, but it looks like it's in a very advanced stage and working.

I am sure you know what needs to be done much more than me so I don't know if you want feedback yet, but I thought that if you do want some I should say what I noticed (just in case).

1. Double clicking on a subtitle file which is associated with SE opens the program but does not load the sub. It needs to be manually opened from the program itself.
2. When converting between formats (e.g. .srt -> .sub) program does not automatically adjust extension and it saves "as is" so you can get a microDVD sub with a .srt extention. Prior behaviour of SE used to be automatic extention adjusting (IIRC).
3. Program does not prompt for saving sub in the case of changes made when exiting program.
4. Although spellcheck is not yet implemented, it would be nice if it still retained the "user" dictionary as previous version.

Thanks again for letting me use the beta.



by Nikse at 09-26-02 21:11
Thx for the feedback - I do appreciate it :)

1 and 2 should be fixed. 3 mostly fixed...
4 will have to wait a bit, but I do plan to add spell check. Dictionaries will probably be a separate download due to size though.

by Guzeppi at 09-02-03 14:17
1. Fixed - Confirmed (double clicking associated sub loads fine).
2. Fixed - Confirmed (using "save as" extention is set correctly)
3. Fixed - Confirmed (Prompts for saving on any changes made to original text)

Just wanted to add one point for your consideration.
I'll give it a number to maintain the same logic we've used up to now...

Thanks and regards

by Guzeppi at 09-02-03 14:24
Continued (server playing funny):

by Guzeppi at 09-02-03 14:27
Continued again (sorry).
Here's the so-called number 5 point:
5. In the Common Error fixing tools one of the choices is "fix alone lower case i to I (in English). Its very useful but at the moment it also changes the TAG i (as in the italics tag, both in the "open Italics" and in the "close Italics" tags.
Perhaps you would wish to fix the parameters of this tool to not change tagged i's.

AH!! Found out what was wrong with server. It wasn't accepting my exaples of the italics tag LOL!!!

by Nikse at 09-02-03 16:23
Hi Guzeppi!

New version uploaded to:

4 + 5 should now be fixed. 4 uses the dictionaries from open office - english included.


by Guzeppi at 09-03-03 10:45
Just keeps getting better and better. 4 + 5 indeed fixed - Confirmed. And the i is also caught in combination with apostrophe. E.g. i'm -> I'm. nicely done!

I'm enjoying testing this beast out so much... please excuse the enthusiasm ;) But I'm loving it.

The spell check tool is great. I used to use MS Word for this since it contains a huge dictionary. But the one you included is incredibly good and free.

Your spell checking routine is also wonderfully simple and affective. Did I say I love it?

Anyway. Just one thing I noticed that needs to be fine-tuned I guess.

6. "Skip all" in spell check is not skipping same word which recurs again (very useful in the case of names), but will bring it up again and again each time it finds it.

A very minor thing, not important, but thought I'd tell you anyway ;)

Feels ready anyway. Can't find anything else for now. But I'll try :) :) :)

by Guzeppi at 09-03-03 11:05

One more thing... Sorry :(

Back to number 3.
Although SE prompts to save file upon exiting when the TEXT of the sub is changed, it doesn't do so when adjusting TIMING. E.g. changing the timing of the subs by 5 secs (synchronising).

by Nikse at 09-03-03 23:15
LOL, yes. This is fun!

New version upped.
3 and 6 should be fixed.
Edit fields below listview now works better... I hope.
Listview can now set the font color (see for player support)

Thx for the feedback :)

by Guzeppi at 09-04-03 09:50
6. Yes "Skip All" works, but clicking "Done" doesn't make the changes in the text. So spell check tell you what's wrong but doesn't fix it LOL!

3. Still doesn't prompt to save changes when timing is changed.

The tag adding tool with right click (including font color) is very nice. Me likeee!!

Edit fields works very well. Immediate and visible changes made in list view. However I found a hiccup. Best way to explain is to try and reproduce it.

7. So, load a srt sub. Go to any line in list view. Now right click and insert/remove any tag you wish (italic, bold, underline etc). Edit field now stops working and will not show any other line. Program has to be exited to make it work again.

I'm sorry if I'm pissing you off with this. I'll stop if you tell me to LOL!!

by Nikse at 09-05-03 12:34
No, please keep testing :)

6 Fixed... Actually it was meant as an abort button, so I changed the text.

3, Ups, just added the missing undo but forgot the change flag - fixed.

7 fixed.

Nice, almost read for beta 2 ;)

by Guzeppi at 09-05-03 14:41
No 3 - Fixed Confirmed!

With regard to 6 and 7: Nope, something's wrong. Two different strange things but I think they are both related to the "Edit Field". I'll keep the same numbers because they're similar areas.

6(ii) Any changes to text using the spell check (SC)using whatever method: "Change", "use" from Dictionary, any change whatsoever is not then actually made, either in real time or when you exit the SC (by "abort" or by coming to the end of the SC routine). Even though the SC exit pop up notice says it changed X number of words, they're not changed.

7(ii)Insert/remove tag in any line in text. Move to another line, the line you just edited reverts back to what it was!
This is not done when you manually edit the line, but only when using the tagging sub-routine. Behaviour is therefore similar to the SC thing which is why they are perhaps related.

It's as if the edit field does not allow changes to be made unless by actually keying them in.

by Nikse at 09-05-03 19:56
New build uploaded.

OK, hope I found it - 6 and 7... fixed :)

Also, the spell check should auto-detect the subtitle language (for some languages like english, spanish, french, dutch, german, and danish).

by Guzeppi at 09-05-03 21:22
Fixed Indeed!

A quick check of all aforementioned issues show that all working well.

Well done!!

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