Multi Media Center


Multi Media Center organizes your music, movies, photos, streaming and more.

Navigate with your MCE remote control, keyboard or mouse.

MMC is Open Source (C# / WPF) so you may redistribute, modify, and use it freely.

This new beta version of MMC requires MS .NET Framework 3.5SP1 - and also a newer computer with Windows XP/Vista.

Download Multi Media Center - C# WPF Source Code included!

Use arrow keys/enter to navigate. Where possible up displays playlist, and down displays information/commands.
In Configuration you can configure search folders and file types etc.

Main features


  • Scan/list all movies - also cache for fast loading
  • Internal video player with support for subrip (.srt) subtitles, resume of last position
  • Playlist
  • View poster
  • Meta information editor
  • Extract Meta information from IMDB (requires download of files from imdb)
  • NFO viewer
  • Sorting/grouping


  • Scan/list all photos - also cache for fast loading
  • Formats supported: jpg, png, tif
  • Displays build-in jpg meta information from digital cameras
  • Slideshow
  • Fullscreen view
  • Sorting/grouping


  • Scan/list all music - also cache for fast loading
  • Formats supported: mp3, wma
  • Uses ID3V1/ID3V2/WMA tagging
  • Playlist
  • Sorting/grouping


  • Skinnable
  • Built-in screen saver (will use images form Photos or Video)
  • Streaming
  • YouTube


Here is a screenshot of the main menu with default skin:
Multi Media Center - Main menu

Thanks to

A very skilled gfx artist.
His Noia icons from this KDE package are used in MMC. His Noia KDE package consists of more than 500 icons!

FOOOD's Icons
A large collection of very nice WinXP icons categorised in sections.
Sections include XP folders, file types, hardware, PimpeD, ChromeD, and more.

WPF MediaKit
DirectShow based component for playing video (not stable).

C# code for tag reading/editing