Subtitle Edit 3.6.4

SE 3.6.4 is now ready for Christmas.

This release fixes an annoying bug with selected line after "Set start and offset the rest".

New stuff:

  • List errors based on current profile (Ctrl+F8)
  • Add "image" option for "gen blank video" - thx Thomas
  • Apply SMPTE timing to shot changes - thx kmekme/OmrSi
  • Allow permanently dismiss of ASSA change res - thx Ricky
  • Allow alpha when choosing text color for ASSA in main window
  • Allow add empty waveform for online videos
  • Switch positions of textboxes shortcut - thx Leon/darnn
  • New subtitle formats - thx Dvid/Filip
Read more in the change log.

by admas at 21-03-12 14:36
Updated Polish language file -

by at 21-04-12 10:01
@Dvid: What error msg do you get?
Have you installed the dot net 4.8 runtime ?
I'm running Windows 10 19043.19043 - and SE works fine :)

by Dvid at 21-04-12 11:19
Now OK.

by at 21-04-12 17:07
@Dvid: Nice it works now :)

@admas: thx for the update :)

by techguru at 21-05-12 01:42
now for version 3.7 we need hardsubbed OCRing

by Janusz at 21-08-12 17:32
When running SE 3.6.4 Next, beta 35 ignores my setting to [Bold = disabled] for a text field.
By opening and closing the settings for a program, the program will respect my settings until the end of the current session.

by at 21-08-12 23:12
@Janusz: Is latest beta better?

by Janusz at 21-08-12 23:46
Thank you, it works.

by at 21-08-12 23:50
@Janusz: thx for verifying :)

by Martin at 21-12-12 20:13
@Nikse I sent new subtitle to you with mail. Please add support for it if possible. Thanks!

by techguru at 21-13-12 01:48
under batching options
can we have an option of shifting times of subs by either time or frames...
either plus or negative

by at 21-16-12 08:24
Subtitle Edit works well with tag, but can you add mod (vsfiltermod) for advanced typeset please? Please add the mini icon of Bold, Italic & Underline in the toolbar, because at the moment I have to right click to do that

by at 21-16-12 09:29
Use "mpv" as video player to get a precise on video preview.
Use shortcuts for italic/bold/underline.

by at 21-16-12 09:29
@Martin: Looking into it... not super easy...

by techguru at 21-17-12 04:00
would be nice if you added xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter like ghost was mentioning

by at 21-17-12 08:19
@techguru: try using "mpv" as video player.

by Majid at 21-21-12 02:49
I've sent you a couple of emails recently and reported some issues. Waiting for your reply. Thx

by Cristian at 21-25-12 23:20
Do any SE version have Batch "ADJUST DURATION" function?
If not, that would be to a great help if this function will be added in future versions.
Auto-generated captions from youtube are all overlapping...
They can easily be fixed by Adjusting the Duration +1 second or less.
SE is a nice great thing.
Thanks for all your efforts

by at 21-26-12 16:23
@Cristian: "Adjust duration" is available in both "Tools - Batch convert" and in cmd line convert.

by admas at 21-29-12 19:09
Hi, Nikse

I updated Polish language file to version 3.5.4 beta 151

Happy New Year :-D

by at 21-29-12 19:49
@admas: thx for the update :)

Happy New Year :)

by Siamak at 22-03-01 09:18
Dear Nikse,
Happy new year. Thank you very much for this great software.
I’d like to report a bug in “Batch Convert”.
If you sort file list by “Format” or “Status” (by click on column header) and then try to add other file(s) to the list, you’ll get “Windows Forms Thread Exception” error and you must choose Abort button. This doesn’t happen for SRT file. It only happens for MKV files (I didn’t test by mp4/ts/m2ts files).
I’m using SubtiteEdit 3.6.4 on Windows 10 64bit.
Thank you very much

by at 22-03-01 12:53
@Siamak: thx for the info :)
Should now be fixed in latest beta.

by Siamak at 22-03-01 17:19
Dear Nikse,
Thank you very much for this super quick answer.
Yes. It's soved.

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-08-01 07:44
Hi, the style from ass file will not show after I close and re-open it again. There are two ways to fix this, but I hope you will fix this problem so I won't use those methods:
1. Change to any format and back to ass file again
2. Change style for 1 or more lines to any style, and it will show the style again.

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-08-01 07:51
I want to update the Vietnamese language from my translation file (.xml)

I re-translated the Vietnamese language from English version, because the man/woman translated it a long time ago made many mistakes (period (.) sub to thời gian (time), and there are a lot of things he/she didn't translate.

by at 22-08-01 08:42
@Minh Toan Ma: Thx for the translation - the old translation was really... old!

I cannot re-create the issue with disappearing style in assa... could you provide steps/screenshots to help me re-creating this issue?

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-08-01 09:05
Here is the video, I hope you get what I mean (つ≧▽≦)つ

by at 22-08-01 23:05
@Minh Toan Ma: Thx, I've hope is fixed now in latest beta.

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-09-01 04:21
The beta version fixed the style problem correctly 👍👍👍

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-09-01 04:35
Another problem: the subtitle auto disappear (on the video) when playing a line.

by Gou 93 at 22-09-01 10:17
@Minh Toan Ma, I have the same issue when playing video like you, the video describes the error I want to ask

by at 22-09-01 11:46
@Minh Toan Ma/Gou 93: This is handled in mpv... I don't know how to fix this.

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-09-01 12:44
Well, I have a temporary solution for this error, but I thought you could fix it, so I didn't show it here. I used this solution from August 2021. I don't know how to explain my idea clearly in words. Therefore, I will make a video on January 10th, 2022. I hope you can rewrite my idea briefly.
My Youtube channel is: MMT Gouenji - TECH, and my facebook is:

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-10-01 10:42
This is how I fix "the subtitle auto disappear (on the video) after playing a line in MPV", I hope you can make it simpler from my 10 minutes video 😅😅

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-10-01 10:56
Please make bookmark - add comment available in 2 mode: LIST VIEW AND TEXT BOX. When I type in the text box, I can bookmark with CTRL D in List view and text box, but I cannot CTRL E (bookmark - add comment) in text box, I have to left click in list view and CTRL E

by Minh Toan Ma at 22-10-01 11:04
Please make audio language selectable after save, close program, and open it again.

The first time I open the video, it prompted the audio language to choose, the first option is English, the second is Japanese. I chose the Japanese IN OPTION TWO. After I SAVE THE FILE, EXIT, AND OPEN AGAIN, The audio auto play the FIRST LANGUAGE (English). I tried to delete file in folder waveforms and open again, it prompted the language to choose, but when I close and open, the program keep using the first language.

by MMT Tech at 22-13-01 11:33
@Minh Toan Ma, the solution for error "Another problem: the subtitle auto disappear (on the video) when playing a line" IS VERY SIMPLE.
You can use "open second subtitle" in menu: video -> open second subtitle".
1. duplicate your subtitle, then rename the copy to draft file or any name you prefer
2. In DRAFT FILE, lengthen all lines with "adjust duration"
- Select all lines, right click-selected lines->fixed->, then BRIDGE GAPS with minimum gap is 0 ms. Then you can insert the draft file to "open second subtitle".
And now you can both translate and listen to the video without lost sight of the subtitle

by MMT Tech at 22-13-01 11:35
P/s: I fortgot the information:
3. Now open your previous subtitle, open video->open second subtitle, select draft file

by at 22-13-01 12:17
For the "subtitle disappear" issue, you can also disable "mpv handles preview text". I was unable to fix it via mpv, sorry.

The bookmark shortcut should now also work in text box in latest beta.

by at 22-13-01 12:18
About audio track... that should be possible to change in the "Video" menu.

by Toan Minh Ma at 22-13-01 16:59
How can I change the audio embeded in mkv file?
Here is the menu in video menu:

Open video file...
Open video from url...
Close video file
Open second subtitle file...
Set video offset...
SMPTE timing (non integer frame rate)
Import chapters from video
Generate/import scene changes...
Remove/export scene changes...
Batch generate waveforms...
Generate blank video...
Generate video with burned-in sub...
Show/ hid e waveform Ctr|+W
Show/hide video Ctrl+Q
Un-dock video controls

by at 22-13-01 17:24
A menu item called "Choose audio track" should exist in the video menu, if the current video has more than one audio track... (between Open video from url... and Close video)

by Toan Minh Ma at 22-14-01 02:32
Thank you, I see it now, appreciated!

by Siamak at 22-14-01 13:12
Hi Dear Nikse,
I’m using latest beta version (3.6.4-335). In this version when you want to change subtitle color, it shows “Choose color” window with a circular color pattern to choose from (and RGB or type color code).
The more important problem is when you use change color again, the program won’t remember the previously selected color. i.e. you must type/choose color every time using color command.
While in previous versions and current 3.6.4, color command shows a different window with various colors to choose and remembered previously selected color.
I’m using Windows 10, 64bit.
Thank you very much.

by at 22-15-01 00:23
@Siamak: Yes, thx - should now remember last color in latest beta.

by TECH at 22-15-01 06:56
is there anyway to sync subs on a video that isn't constant without manually doing it?

by Siamak at 22-15-01 12:24
Hi Dear Nikse,
Thank you very much for latest beta regarding remembering last subtitle color.
I think previous color window was more efficient because it offered various colors to choose and also you could define custom colors if you want. But in this new circular color pattern window you must define color at first.
Thank you very muc.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-16-01 10:49
I can't translate the content in CTRL + F8 (List Errors) to Vietnamese in xml file.
P/s: I will update the Vietnamese language file (vi_VN.xml) later. If my ideas will be listed in the changelog, please use the name "MMT Gouenji Tech" instead of "Minh Toan Ma".
Best regards,

by at 22-16-01 21:55
@Siamak: I much prefer the new dialog - can copy-paste codes to/from other programs, much easier to choose new colors, supports alpha (needed for ASSA), shows existing color... and now shows last four colors in latest beta. Is that better for you?

by at 22-16-01 21:58
@TECH: about sync, I could not really tell much as I did not understand the texts... but if "Visual Sync" does not work, then "Set start and offset the rest" in the waveform will work, but that may take some time.

by at 22-16-01 22:05
@MMT Gouenji Tech: Updated the change log.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-17-01 03:23
Visual Sync:
"Tự động đồng bộ theo video" / "Timing theo video": Auto synchronize time base on the video

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-17-01 03:53
Changelog: fix style column disappear after closing

by Siamak at 22-17-01 09:48
Dear Nikse,
About color window, It's great now.
I also want to appreciate for caring users this much.
Thank you very much indeed.

by at 22-17-01 10:14
@MMT Gouenji Tech: thx, added "ix style column disappear" to change log.

@Siamak: You're welcome, and thx for the feedback :)

by Siamak at 22-17-01 19:11
Dear Nikse,
About color window, although this new color window shows last four colors, but you can not pick one of them by click on it.

by at 22-17-01 20:04
thx, color picker bug hopefully fixed in latest beta.

by Siamak at 22-19-01 06:18
Dear Nikse,
About color window:
Everything works fine now. Tnx.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-19-01 14:00
When I went to spell check errors, after checking the subtitle from other people, there was no error to fix, so I clicked Cancel, and then the alert appeared.

by tech at 22-20-01 06:42
one of these days some big company is gonna come and offer nikse a bunch of money to buy SE...then they are gonna start charging for it :P

by Siamak at 22-20-01 08:18
Dear Nikse,
The new beta (372) crashes when import subtitle from mkv files.
Thank you.

by Siamak at 22-20-01 10:26
@ tech 4: Although it's a sad news for users, but I'm happy for Nikse.
We are using SebtitleEdit for over a decade, So it's time for Nikse to enjoy financial benefits of his efforts as well as our respect.

by at 22-20-01 14:04
@Siamak: I could not re-create the crash when opening mkv files? What video player do you use? What type of subtitle is inside of the mkv?

SE is still going strong and open source :)

by Siamak at 22-20-01 19:52
Today morning I got those crashes on multiple mkv files with srt subtitles.
I tested again now with the same files, but I don't get any crash!
Please forgive me.
Tnx for good news (open source).

by patadune at 22-21-01 20:12
Hi Nikse, thank you so much for SE :)
I have a weird bug in OCR import, I don't see options like "Use color" above the subtitle image


by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-22-01 00:55
Spell check errors get error
When I used spell check errors, after checking the subtitle from other people, there was no error to fix, so I clicked Cancel, and then the alert appeared.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-22-01 01:07
Spell check error problem update:
Spell check error -> continue with current spell check, If I click:

1. No -> If there are some errors in the text to check, no alert, spell checker will check from the beginning.

2. 1. Yes -> If there are STILL some errors, it's ok, but, if there ISN'T ANY ERROR to check, this error will appear

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-22-01 05:30
Please make the program remember column order. For example, from left to right: #, start time, end time, text, styles. I want to change the column order to: #, text, start time, end time, styles. When I restart the program, it switch to the default column order.

by at 22-22-01 09:25
@patadune: What do you wish to do, and what is your input file type? SE does not support keeping colors after ocr.

by at 22-22-01 09:29
@MMT Gouenji Tech: thx for the info about the crash - is now fixed in latest beta.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-22-01 11:42
In both Dark mode and Light mode, when select a line only, it's ok, but when "go to next / previous line and play, the background of selected line is dark

by Janusz at 22-22-01 11:50
Hi Nikse.
I don't know if @patadune asks for the same,
but if I import a *.ts file with subtitles, the "Use color ..." option is available in the Import/OCR window. When I check this option and perform OCR, the scan result contains information about the color of the strings in each line, and that's OK.

If I export to sup from the same window - the resulting file contains color images, but re-importing the file created in this way does not allow for recovering the color any more, because the "Use color" option, as @patadune wrote it, disappears, so recovery of colored subtitles is impossible. As far as I am concerned, I would only want to recover the color information from the colored inscriptions contained in the sup file.

I would like to add that from the sup file obtained with TS-Doctor you can recover colored subtitles because after importing the file *.sup to SE the "Use color ..." option is available.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-22-01 13:39
Please add dictionary for Vietnamese language, I updated the file vi_VN.dic at this link:
The dictionary contains:
- Fixing old Vietnamese words to new words: "toả-]tỏa, hoá-]hóa"...
- Adding English vocabulary, therefore, the new Vietnamese dictionary is bilingual English-Vietnamese, 2 in 1.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-22-01 14:03
The spell checker is still getting trouble, but I finally found the solution.
With the same dictionary vi_VN.dic, in menu: Options->languages->Vietnamese: error, but in menu: Options->languages->English or any other language, no error.
It seems the only problem is Vietnamese language.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-22-01 14:20
I'm sorry about spell checker, I overwrote the new file that I still re-translate, I've already fixed it thanks to your "fixed in the latest beta". In the end of January, I will give you the final file vi_VN.xml :D

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-23-01 03:59
Please help me, how can I make subtitle with "Add audio to text (speech recognition) via Vosk/Kaldi"?

by patadune at 22-23-01 11:45
@Nikse input file type is a .sup extracted from a Bluray

I'm able to extract colors from a .ts file though (what @Janusz describes), I guess that's why I was expecting it to work with .sup files

by at 22-25-01 00:40
Please make the video stay on top right corner after hide WAVEFORM. After turning off waveform, the video is small.

by at 22-25-01 17:10
@MMT Gouenji Tech: "Add audio to text (speech recognition) via Vosk/Kaldi" should be available via the "Video" menu... it requires FFmpeg and latest beta.

by at 22-25-01 17:11
@patadune: Sorry, no colors when OCR'ing BD SUP atm.

by MMT Gouenji Tech at 22-26-01 09:35
Thank you, the speech recognition works.
Please make the video stay on top right corner after hiding WAVEFORM. After turning off waveform, the video is small, please look at this picture:

by MMT Gouenji Tech 21 hours ago
I finished translating Vietnamese language, please update in the next release version.

1. vi_VN.xml in Languages folder
2. vi_VN.dic in Dictionary folders

by Thomas Smith 21 hours ago
Thank you very much for your great software.
The only thing i missing is DeepL support for translation. It supports 26 languages, has API and translates much better than google.

by 20 hours ago
@MMT Gouenji Tech: The Vietnamese translation updated, thx :)
The vi_VN.dic does not work...

by 20 hours ago
@Thomas Smith: You can use the Copy-Paste-Translate or the new "DeepL Pro" plugin (see File - Plugins).

by MMT Gouenji Tech 5 hours ago
Please add the shortcut to switch between direct show and mpv player

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