Subtitle Edit 3.6.0

Subtitle Edit 3.6.0 has landed.

Many new settings regarding appearance, like dark theme, syntax coloring in text box.
The "source view" is now hidden by default which gives a little more space for the list view. It's possible to toggle between "source view" and "list view" by "F2" (or context menu).
New SE icon by Leon Cheung <3

Also check the new bd .sup file editor.

Important note: This version of SE uses .NET framework 4.7.2 (or 4.8), which means that WinXP and Vista are no longer supported.

Enjoy :)

by admas at 21-20-02 08:51
Hi Nikse,

I updated the Polish language file to version v3.6.0 (with recent changes and additional lines).

by at 21-20-02 09:24
@admas: thx for the update :)

by haedae at 21-26-02 00:46
Hi Nikse,

When exporting subtitles to Blu-ray sup, the font name and font size tags are applied only when the italic tag is applied.

Is it possible to apply the font name and font size tag without the italic tag applied?

by ausencia at 21-28-02 01:56
I'm making ass type subtitle through this tool and, after updated to 3.6.0, a problem has happened.

The ver. 3.6.0 has no source code tap (or window), so I can't modify codes in cfg style, like 'ScaleX', 'ScaleY', 'Spacing' etc because there are no those tag options in 'advanced sub station alpha style'

Perhaps the solution is development of 'advanced sub station alpha style' or restoration of 'source code tap (or window)'.

Thank you for reading!

by Janusz at 21-28-02 20:47
Source view is now hidden (more space), use F2 to toggle view.

by AWinters at 21-28-02 21:04
Thank you for the update, I still use this almost daily.
Something seems to have gone wrong about an hour ago. The subtitles on the video preview have vanished and I can't find a way to get them back. I tried re-downloading the MPV preview, which made the subs momentarily flash up on the preview then they promptly disappeared again. I then closed and reopened and they're still not back. If I slipped on a button, I don't know which one, any ideas, please?

by Tomical at 21-12-03 13:19

Thank you for this software.

Is there a way to specify the standard display code in 1 Level-1 teletext in a command line to export to EBUSTL ?

SubtitleEdit /convert *.srt EBUSTL /encoding:utf-8 /fps:25 /inputfolder: /outputfolder:

Thank you !

I found it ! With /ebuheaderfile
Great !

by at 21-12-03 16:50
How do I change audio tracks? After the update, I lost this function.

by Janusz at 21-12-03 22:00
If the video file contains more than one audio track, then
you can change it by: Menu / Video / Choose audio track.
With one audio track, the option to select does not appear in the Menu.
Sorry for my mistakes - I'm using a translator.

by at 21-13-03 01:33
My videos have more than one track, but there is still no change in the menu. How to be?
Sorry for my mistakes - I'm using a translator from Russian.

by at 21-13-03 07:09 Could you try to switch video player to "mpv" - see Options - Settings - Video player?

by at 21-13-03 07:14
@Tomical: In batch convert, you can specify setting from another file to use via the "/ebuheaderfile" parameter.

by at 21-13-03 07:28
@AWinters: I'm not really sure how the subtitles on the video preview have vanished... you could try to "Restore default settings" in Options - Settings.

by tech at 21-13-03 17:52
anyway to get positioning data from a vobsub?
or have it SE be able to tell approximately where on the screen the subtitles are

by tech at 21-16-03 07:32
another feature that would be nice is a highlight option for lines that are duplicated...from after OCRing a vobsub
often when 2 people are talking or there is a sign...the vobsub creator will put the same line on 2 different times

what would be even better would be is if it could highlight these them in a popup or something...let the user..check the lines over...and then have SE be able to combine the 2 lines into one with splitting duplicated line and the new text into separate times

example lines

Dialogue: 0,0:05:09.21,0:05:09.74,Default,,0,0,0,,Unchain Bahadur.
Dialogue: 0,0:05:09.75,0:05:10.12,Default,,0,0,0,,"Hereditary Grand Vizier, Kingdom of\NSindhura: Mahendra" Unchain Bahadur.
Dialogue: 0,0:05:10.13,0:05:10.91,Default,,0,0,0,,"Hereditary Grand Vizier,\NKingdom of Sindhura: Mahendra"
Dialogue: 0,0:05:10.92,0:05:12.25,Default,,0,0,0,,"Hereditary Grand Vizier,\NKingdom of Sindhura: Mahendra" Bahadur?
Dialogue: 0,0:05:12.25,0:05:12.37,Default,,0,0,0,,Bahadur?

by at 21-16-03 20:21
@tech: Tools -> Merge lines with same text... can do some, but I think your example is too complex.

About vobsub and positions, what are you trying to do - import/export/edit ?

by at 21-17-03 15:46
When the program automatically interrupts the processing of subtitles, not knowing what to do next, and asking the user what to do next. Then, the program expects a response from the user, stopping to do anything. Is it possible to make the program continue to automatically process those subtitles that it can handle? And, as the user responds, it would issue requests for what to do in places in which she has difficulties. That is, it seems to me as follows. We turn on the program, it processes everything it can, and along the way asks what to do in difficult places, without waiting for a response from the user. And the user, when he wants to give instructions on what to do with the program with difficult places.
Sorry for my mistakes - I'm using a translator from Russian.

by tech at 21-21-03 20:36
yea I figured it was a bit complex....kinda why I wanted SE to pop up a window to show what its gonna merge
in that example above
Unchain Bahadur...... and..... Hereditary Grand Vizier, Kingdom of\NSindhura: Mahendra...would first be split and then the second line would be merged with the same timing
probably just have to do stuff like that manually tho

second question.....I'm OCRing dvdsubs...and often times there will be subs at the top and bottom...but with the way vobsubs work...they usually just combine the vobsub into 1 layer instead of 1 layer for the top and 1 for the bottom or sides or something
I just thought maybe SE could look at the empty space between the lines and kinda place it approximatly where it should be in the subtitle file...tho for that you would need to be able to export it to a position based subtitle format such as .ASS

by David Smith at 21-22-03 11:36
Cannot "find" a word which is followed by a comma. File is .srt, UTF8. "Find" works well otherwise. for example, i can find "red" in "wondered..." (where it is followed by periods), but I cannot find "red," (followed by comma). I tried backing up to 3.5.8, which is the earliest I have, but still the same problem. Am I missing something? (using "find" with only the "normal" setting).

by Dave Smith at 21-24-03 13:33
To further clarify the above, I meant to say I cannot find "red" in "red," (red comma) or any other text which is immediately followed by a comma. that is, not looking for the comma, just the text preceding it.

by Xy at 21-28-03 20:21

Since introduction of "Optimal char/sec" field in Options > Settings > General, I wonder how can it be used in the program.

by at 21-29-03 12:03
@David Smith: Hm, works fine here... could you provide a link to the subtitle or email it to me? How do you search?

@Xy: It's used in Tools - Adjust duration - Recalc, but also a few other situations where duration is unknown.

by moob at 21-31-03 00:26
Hi, Nikolaj...

I sent you an email, when you can I would appreciate it if you could reply

by David Smith at 21-03-04 10:55
I have been overwriting previous installs ever since I started using SE years ago..A complete wipe, removing all traces, restart, and reinstall did the trick. False alarm Nikse, sorry to have wasted your time. And thank you for one of the most useful applications in existence!

by bignut at 21-06-04 04:18
thank you for this version. a few questions:
1. can you confirm that i cannot do batch conversion for mkv files? i tried loading it but it doesn't add into the gui.
2. for batch conversion either on GUI or commandline, can i specify the language and subtitle track?

many thanks.

by at 21-06-04 08:36
1) I often use "Batch convert" with mkv files.
2) In cmd line I think you can use the "/track-number:X" parameter.

by oversetterLE at 21-07-04 16:07
Hi, I translated an existing STL file but it seems that the waveform is out of sync. The time codes of the video position are the same as shown in the VLC player, but the individual subtitle timecodes only correspond to the burned in timecodes shown in the video (e.g. fps). When I play the video, the timing is off. Do you have an explanation?

by at 21-07-04 17:23
@oversetterLE: It's hard to say without looking at the actual media files... about the waveform, you can try to generate it using "ffmpeg" instead of VLC - see options - settings - waveform.
About the timing, try Video - SMPTE timing

by Pietro Moras at 21-10-04 13:21
I'd be happy to get in touch with a Subtitle Edit User Group
Is there anything of the sort? It would be both nice & useful...
- P.M.

by small bug at 21-13-04 00:42
Hi nikse! I found a small bug with colored webvtt subs.

When two lines contain the same color, the color of the second line will be ignored as a .srt sub!

by at 21-14-04 11:59
@small bug: thx, should fixed in latest beta.

by tech at 21-19-04 08:37
any chance of supporting .lua and .moon scripts for .ass files

by fems at 21-21-04 13:00
Thank you for the new version. A little annoyance I've found in this and previous releases is the main window stealing focus when it finishes processing things like "fix common errors". It can take a while in slow systems and files with lots of lines and I can't leave it running in the background. Can this be fixed?

by Stinger578 at 21-24-04 22:46
Hi. Google screen scraping no longer works. Bing screen scraping works very slowly.

by at 21-25-04 08:02
@Stinger578: yes, these screen scrapers are somewhat volatile... try the new 1.04 version of the GT screen scraper plugin - if it's not working then press F2 (toggle view) until the browser window shows, and you probably need to accept cookies.

by Stinger578 at 21-25-04 14:02
Thanks for the new version. Now it works again. I do not use the API key because I can not find how much text you can translate before you have to pay.

by at 21-25-04 17:14
@Stinger578: Did you have to press "accept cookies"?

by stinger578 at 21-25-04 17:40
Yes and update F2 again to get back to the program and not translate via google because it was missing a lot of lines via google.

Thank you for a very good program.

by tech at 21-06-05 05:14
any chance of supporting LUA AND MOON scripting for subs...specifically .ass files

by at 21-06-05 07:52
@tech: What is LUA AND MOON scripting used for? Any good links?

by techguru at 21-07-05 04:57

by techguru at 21-07-05 05:02

by techguru at 21-07-05 05:03

by Aline Gonçalves at 21-07-05 19:25
Hi! I'm having an issue here and I hope you can help me to solve it. My sound wave is being shown in approximately one third of its box only. I've researched about it, but I can't seem to find a way to make it occupy the whole box. Is there anything I can do to solve it? PS: my version is 3.5.18.

by at 21-09-05 20:53
@techguru: thx for the links - seems to have a pretty hard binding to Aegisub, be it *might* be possible.

@Aline: Could you provide a screenshot of your waveform/spectrogram?

by techguru at 21-11-05 03:04
even if you can't support already exsisting lua and moon could still support it for people who want to create new scripts for subtitle edit...maybe even make your API somewhat cross compatible with the aegisub ones so that its fairly easy to convert a script from aegisub to SE and from SE to aegisub

by at 21-12-05 20:58
@techguru: I think this Lua stuff is mostly suited for a plugin - at least in the beginning.
Thx to moonsharp it's fairly easy to invoke Lua scripts from C#.
I will start with getting the most basic script I can find working :)

by rezapad at 21-30-11 16:45
Hi there.
Thanks for your wonderful software.
Aftar version 3.6.0. on "re-dock video controls" mode I cannot drag up the line between List view and Edit view upper than I want and this make difficult my working. how can I fix it. thanks

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