Subtitle Edit 3.5.18

SE 3.5.18 is fresh out of the oven!

News: "waveform multi-audio-track support", "import/export of shortcuts" and a "measurement converter".

Fixes: Image export with font tag, and some cmd-line/batch-convert issues.

See the change log for more info.

Enjoy :)

by Janusz at 20-09-11 21:20
Hello. Congratulations on the new version 3.5.18.
1. In connection with the new "Video - Open second subtitle" functionality, I have a question: Is there any other option to disable second subtitles when using the mpv video engine, as only to re-select [Options / Settings / Video player mpv: mpv handles preview text].
After adding the second subtitles, this option is turned off permanently and to return to my settings I have to select it again.

2. In VLC media player, adding second subtitles for VLC (version 3.0.6) does not work for me. After adding the second subtitles, the movie playback is paused and the subtitles themselves continue to scroll, but in a random order and not completely. After a short while, playback stops and the display window turns black. Playback can be restarted, but the display window no longer shows the picture and the subtitles. After a while, playback stops by itself.

Edit 1: The described problem concerns the ts stream.
I also checked a few mkv, mp4, avi - video files and the other subtitles play correctly.

Edit 2 (11/11/2020)
I made a few more attempts directly in VLC media player and it turns out that VLC media player has a problem with adding subtitles if we chose ts stream as the video file.
I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner and this caused unnecessary confusion.

by THS at 20-11-11 21:11
Subtitle Edit gets better and better each time a new version is released.

I have a question: When I am navigating through the subtitles with keyboard shortcuts (i.e. Shift+Return to go to the next subtitle—and I have also set Shift+Up to go back to the previous one), the cursor is always placed at the beginning of the subtitle. Is there a way I can have the cursor at the end instead?

Thank you.

by Niels Larsen at 20-27-11 11:17
Når jeg forsøger at oversætte får jeg følgende melding:
System: Fjernserveren returnerede en fejl:(403) Forbudt
Jeg har indsat en API i Google-feltet
Jeg har fået det til at fungere tidligere. Hvad er der galt?

When I try to translate I get the following message:
System: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden
I have inserted an API in the Google field
I've made it work in the past. What's wrong?

by Stef at 20-27-11 19:22
Hi, I can't find a way to apply the Netflix quality check, missing a button to execute it. Thx.

by at 20-29-11 07:42
@Niels Larsen: could be because you did not enable billing? Read more in the FAQ.

by at 20-29-11 07:45
@Stef: It should be in Tools -> Netflix quality check... or for some formats (like NetFlix Timed Text) an icon will be visible in the toolbar.
(be sure you're using SE 3.5.18)

by Stef at 20-01-12 19:26
Thank you. But it's not the icon, it's within the Netflix quality check where I can't find any button to apply the changes. There is only a OK button which doesn't apply the changes, and the option to open the report in an Excel file, which is nice to have. But I'm missing the option to apply the changes like it does the Fix common errors menu (aplly selected fixes). Sure, it's SE 3.5.18. Thx.

by at 20-01-12 19:30
@Stef: Sorry, there's no fix functionality atm.

by Niels Larsen at 20-02-12 18:45
Google didn't reconized my credit cards, but now it's ok. and SE works fine.

by at 20-03-12 08:08
@Niels Larsen: Nice. Other options are the plugins "Copy-Paste-Translate", "GT screen-scraper translate" and "BT screen-scraper translate".

by Xy at 20-17-12 11:48
New feature proposal.

Creating time codes by pressing and holding mouse or dedicated button. When button is pressed and hold, it adds start time, when released, it adds end time.

This feature is inspired by a simple program DivXLand Media Subtitler:

Here is demonstration:

I hope you'll recognise practicality in this solution.

by at 20-17-12 12:36
@Xy: Check shortcuts, search for "key".

by Tronar at 21-01-01 14:24
Your product is awesome! Thanks again. The only thing I'd wish for is that user defined colors would survice a restart of the program. I use one specific color code for my signature in the subs and right now I always have to pick any color and then change the values manually to #20e020.

That's not really bad or urgent, but the existing option for user defined colors doesn't make much sense for me, if the work you invest into creating user defined colors is gone with closing the program. Any way to at least have one personal color survive a restart of the program would be awesome.

by at 21-01-01 14:57
@Tronar: Which format are you exporting to?

by rizla at 21-02-01 14:06
A question: when I do "Fix common errors" for english subs, it's done in less than second. When I do same for any other language, it takes up to three minutes. Is there any settings I don't see to speed up non-english error fixing, or is is supposed to be like that?
win 10 20h2, ryzen 3500, 12gb ram

by at 21-02-01 14:14
@rizla: Could you link to a subtitle (or email it to me) that takes 1-3 minutes to complete "Fix common errors" ?

by rizla at 21-02-01 14:59 croatian language, takes 2 minutes 27 seconds to fix common errors. croatian language, takes 1,5 minutes to complete. Tried some subs in spanish, serbian, slovenian and danish, they're slower to fix errors than english, but still finish in under 30 seconds. So I guess problem is with croatian subtitles.

by at 21-02-01 21:03
@rizla: thx for the info :)
Latest beta should be a little faster.

It's OCR fixes that takes a lot of time because the hrv_OCRFixReplaceList.xml is huge.
I guess you can turn it off, if you want it to go faster - or make a simpler hrv_OCRFixReplaceList.xml.

by fr at 21-03-01 11:52
Awesome product!

There is problem with "®" sign (registered trade), when select Save as, it is visible in unicode, but replaced with text 'registered', instead of the sign in ansi text files.

by at 21-03-01 12:36
@fr: thx for the info :)
I see that some ANSI encodings have the "®" symbol. Fixed in latest beta via this commit.

(IMO ANSI encodings are obsolete)

by fr at 21-03-01 12:54
Thanks, your so fast! There is the same problem with the "…" (tri-points symbol), with the 1251 Bulgarian encoding, again ANSI. I use a lot of programs, including for dictionary and punctuation checks for Bulgarian, and still need ANSI

by at 21-03-01 14:52
@fr: OK, that should now be fixed in latest beta too via this commit.

by fr at 21-03-01 22:22
You are great!

by p1nky at 21-06-01 03:29
Hello, I just changed computers and i installed SE in my new comp. In my old comp, I have the EN_UK dictionary in SE to help with spell check, however I didn't see the option to add this in my new SE (3.1.8 same ver as the one in the old comp), there's no EN_UK dictionary in the options of new dictionaries to install. Is there a way to add it manually? Thanks before.

by at 21-06-01 09:09
@p1nky: If you download the "English" dictionary, it installs UK + a few more.
Alternately, you can download the .dic/.aff file to the SE "Dictionaries" folder (e.g. from here - rename the .oxt file and unzip).

by p1nky at 21-06-01 13:36
@nikse: thank you for the reply, I'll check it out.
The thing is with the current English only dictionary it still doesn't register British English words and it asked me for confirmation during spellchecking, that's why I thought I still need EN_UK dictionary.

by Mike at 21-08-01 16:50
Ever since version 3.5.14 I have been having trouble with truncated lines on some scc files.
Version 3.5.13 displays line
-♪ Come and knock
on our door ♪
Version 3.5.14 ( and later) displays line
{\an8}♪ C ad
u d ♪
Any ideas? Same source file.

by at 21-08-01 17:06
@Mike: Could you link to or email me the source file?

by Mike at 21-08-01 20:12
I have sent you a sample of the scc we are having trouble with.

by JC at 21-09-01 09:18
Hello, thanks a lot for the work! Would you consider putting "add/remove scene change" to the shortcut list?

by at 21-09-01 13:09
@Mike: thx for the info and the file :)
Seems I made an optimization and forgot to allow uppercase hex codes in .scc files - should now be fixed in latest beta.

by at 21-09-01 13:13
@JC: Check the "Toggle scene change" shortcut :)

by Mike at 21-11-01 00:49
Thank you very much for the fix. It is working perfectly.

by admas at 21-17-01 18:37
There are problems loading and translating the LanguageMaster.xml file using the XmlContentTranslator.

Error message - "Error: The request was aborted: Unable to create SSL/TLS secure channel."

by at 21-17-01 19:33
@admas: Did you try with latest version?

by admas at 21-18-01 09:16

by at 21-18-01 09:26
@admas: Latest version should be Xml Content Translator 1.9 -

by admas at 21-18-01 10:17
Thanks, this version works fine.

I downloaded version from here

by at 21-23-01 16:37
@admas: Thx, updated.

by Chloros at 21-25-01 23:31
Hello Nikse,
I've come accross some weird warning on my Ubuntu 20.04 with the latest version of SE. Check this out: .

by admas at 21-26-01 17:48

Updated Polish language file for the latest beta version.

by at 21-30-01 08:15
@admas: thx for the update :)

SE 3.6.0 will be out in the near future - please give the latest beta a test run :)

by Trottel at 21-03-02 23:43
Windows Defender detects Trojan:Win32/Tnega!ml in latest beta.

by at 21-04-02 06:46
@Trottel: Please update your engine, and if it persists, then please rapport as false positive to your anti virus provider :) is a good site for checking this stuff.

by Gorea at 21-08-02 04:17
Hi Nikse,
first of all, thx a lot for your great work, your program is awesome :D

I have a small problem with the batch-convert. When i copy a single .mkv file (with PGS-Subtitle) to the main-program, the OCR with tesseract 5 works perfect (99,9% right). When i try to batch-convert it, i have that many mistakes in it. Is it possible to use the same settings from main in the batch-converter? I'll send you an example, thx for the moment.

by Preet at 21-08-02 08:30
First of all, I really admire the work you are doing. And I am keen to see the ditto SE in the online version. I am also keeping an eye on the development of the same. I really in love with your work.

Now the main point (:D), I know SE can break longer events into multiple lines without splitting. However the break doesn't make sense some times.

Can you let me know if there is any plugin already available which takes care of these breaks? As most of the standard guidelines of line break is constant, I think we can add this in the breaking functionality.

More study is available at,lines%20per%20subtitle%20is%202.

or even Netflix standard line breaking guideline should work.

The only thing is to incorporate this with the custom line length and number of lines in the event.

Looking forward to know about your thoughts.

by at 21-18-02 10:26
@Preet: thx, SE uses the line length settings from Options - Settings - General... further more in Options - Settings - Tools, you can setup advanced rules for line-breaking, like no-break-after-list and using pixel width instead of number of characters - see

by Preet Mehta at 21-18-02 12:31
That is absolutely workable. I had visited this feature earlier but didn't think of it as this. Thank you very much. Really helpful. Cheers!

by admas at 21-18-02 19:42

Updated Polish language file for the v3.6.0 version.

by Aline Gonçalves at 21-12-04 14:08
Hi! I'm having an issue here and I hope you can help me to solve it. My sound wave is being shown in approximately one third of its box only. I've researched about it, but I can't seem to find a way to make it occupy the whole box. Is there anything I can do to solve it? PS: my version is 3.5.18.

Changing the subject, I have just started using the software, and it's amazing! Way much better than the other I used for years until a few days ago. Thanks for that!

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