Subtitle Edit 3.5.17

You simply just need to get the new awesome Subtitle Edit 3.5.17 :)

This release fixes an issue with overlap in "Tools -> Adjust duration" and fixes reading Blu-ray sup files with overlapping images.

Transport streams (.ts/.m2ts/.mts) subtitles (teletext + images) are now supported in both command line convert + batch convert.
Several new subtitle formats bring the number of supported formats up to a whopping 300 (SE tries to guess unknown formats too).
Also, many new shortcuts have been added. The Netflix quality check is improved and SE might even be able to read/convert CD+G karaoke files now.

Get more details in the full change log.

Have fun!

by Janusz at 20-07-10 07:11
By downloading SubtitleEdit-3.5.17 from
Google Chrome version 86.0.4240 blocks the download with the message:
"! SubtitleEdit-5.5.17 -... zip is rarely downloaded and can be dangerous."
You can complete the download by selecting "save" from the popup menu.
In Opera, you can download the same installer file without problem.

by at 20-07-10 07:29
Hi Janusz,

OK, I get that too (hopefully it will go away soon).
It's always a good idea to check download files with

by Jake at 20-07-10 16:31
Subtitle Edit 3.5.17. doesn't work correct. SRT to SUP (with coloured text) ends up with this message: A fatal non-UI error occured in Subtitle Edit
Have to go back to 3.5.16. This version works fine for me.

by at 20-07-10 16:57
@Jake: thx for the info :)
That's a bug.

by aleksander at 20-09-10 14:50
Hi Nikolaj,
The following functions cause the formation of additional errors. Report soon by e-mail
Unneeded space
Fix missing space
Fix comas
Remove unneeded space
Break long lines
Remove unneeded periods
Add missing Quotes (")
Merge short line (all except dialogs)
Fix continuation style: None
Fix common OCR errors (usingOCR replace list)
Add missing period at end of line
Fix dash in dialogs Via style: DashBothLinesWithSpace
Break long line


by at 20-10-10 08:09
@Jake: Should be fixed in Subtitle Edit Beta-

by Jake at 20-10-10 16:03
Beta Version works.

by admas at 20-12-10 08:22

Updated Polish language file for the latest beta version.

by at 20-15-10 20:29
@admas: thx for the update :)

by OmrSi at 20-18-10 01:20
Hey, Nik.

I've noticed that there is an empty entry in the recent files list sometimes.

1. Open a file.
2. Close the file.
3. Open the file again from the recent files.
4. Now look at the recent files list, there is an empty entry.

Could be because of this:

I think that "[FileName FirstVisibleIndex="-1" FirstSelectedIndex="-1"][/FileName]" is showing up in the list and this is causing the empty entry.

by at 20-18-10 03:32
@OmrSi: Thx for the info :)
Not really to sure about what happened - but this seems to help:

by OmrSi at 20-18-10 13:32
Yep. It's fixed. :D

Thank you.

by OmrSi at 20-19-10 00:54
Hey again.

I noticed that running SE from Visual Studio in debug mode where:
1. You have a file with no time codes opened (imported plain text)
2. RTL mode is activated
Causes an exception:

I don't think it's a big deal, just wanted to let you know.

by chcip at 20-24-10 15:34
First, great program!

I received this error in binary image compare ocr method with File/Import images jpeg files.

Error mesage: Offset and length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the end of yhe source collection.

by Richard Dyke at 20-27-10 02:03
Hi, Congratulations. This is potentially the best caption editor out there. Are you planning to release the code for the online version ?

by HaraldBluetooth at 20-01-11 12:28

Long time user of your fantastick subtool :)

There has been an error in long time, when you use Fix Common errors and the function Fix Common OCR errors (using OCR replace list) when the text contains f.ex:


This is corrected to:

by HaraldBluetooth at 20-01-11 12:55
I forgot to say, that this is only if the subtitle language is Danish and not if this is English....

by Stefan at 20-06-11 12:05
Could you add the option to adjust the position of a subtitle into the next update? For example move a subtitle to the top of the screen with the command {\an8}. Thanks.

by at 20-07-11 07:35
@HaraldBluetooth: I cannot re-create this issue.

by at 20-07-11 07:36
@Stefan: You can set alignment, by right-clicking in the list view and choose "Alignment". Alignment also has shortcuts (see Options - Settings - Shortcuts).
Note that you need to use mpv video player to see the position change in the video preview.

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