Subtitle Edit 3.5.16

A new release is out again!

Important fixes: Spell check dictionary download should work again (LibreOffice changed download links), the WinKey should no longer freeze SE, and auto-break should work with dialogs again.

New stuff: OCR method "nOCR" which hopefully works well for e.g. Blu-ray .sup files. Can also be trained with your own font/letters.

Read the full change log here.

Thx to all contributors and happy summer <3

by Shota at 20-21-06 03:51
Hello. Thank you for all the great updates.

Is it possible to save the most commonly used font, size, line spacing, etc. settings as presets in the Blu-ray SUP export?
I would be very grateful if you could address this in the next update.

by at 20-22-06 06:58
@Shota: I don't know the most used settings for Blu-ray files... but it's not hard to define your own that settings that matches your video. And people prefer different fonts and sizes and color. Also, the last used settings should be remembered.

@Aleksander: Thanks for testing SE. I have fixed a little and might fix a bit more of your issues, but SE is not meant to fix all issues possible.

by at 20-22-06 07:01
The change log says "3.5.16 (16th July 2020)" in the current version... it should of course has been June...

by Shota at 20-23-06 21:54
Sorry, that may have been a confusing sentence.
When I exported the Blu-ray SUP, I had to make a detailed setting each time to match the angle of view of the video We are changing it.
Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if you could save the setting information you want to record as a file somewhere, or add a function that allows you to load the settings you used in the past using a pull-down menu.
Thank you for your consideration.

by Ed at 20-27-06 07:15
Great Software!
It would be nice if "Adjust Durations" was in "Batch Convert".

by Xy at 20-29-06 16:42

Can something be done to improve dialog style / dash detection?

I am using "dash second line without space", and many dashes are left behind, spacing too.

Here is the example file:

by at 20-30-06 05:30
@Xy: What are you trying to do?

by Xy at 20-30-06 09:27
I'm trying to get rid of all dashes at begining of lines, as well as all spaces before second lines or replies. As I mentioned, I'm using dialog style: "Dash second line without space". When I apply it, lots of dashes and spaces remain.

by Xy at 20-30-06 09:58
Edit: I've edited the file and isolated problematic lines:

by Caryn Broome at 20-02-07 16:14
Do you have Subtitle Edit for MacIntosh computers?

by at 20-02-07 16:50
@Xy: Sorry, these lines have no line ending which SE requires.

@Caryn: Sorry, SE is Windows (or Linux) only.

by at 20-02-07 17:00
@Xy: You can probably run "Fix common errors" with "Add period after lines where next line start with uppercase" first... and then fix the dashes.

by Mike at 20-05-07 08:24
Hey, Nikolaj. I was always using the portable version. In the portable version there was a Settings xml file that allowed me to adjust an issue that Subtitle Edit has which is that it marks as an error if the end timing of one subtitle is the same as the start timing of the following subtitle. I would go into the Settings xml file and look for "FixCommonErrorsFixOverlapAllowEqualEndStart", and set it to True.

Well, I have decided to install Subtitle Edit instead of using the portable version but I don't see any Settings xml file in the folder in Program Files. So I am wondering if this can be officially added as an option in Options]Settings in the next update so that this can be adjusted there in the actual Settings menu?

Thank you.

by at 20-05-07 08:45
@Mike: try pressing WinKey+R and enter "%appdata%\Subtitle Edit\" and press return - that should open the SE installer-version data folder.

by Clover at 20-11-07 13:27
Thank you! Your soft extremely useful to me~

by at 20-11-07 16:08
Thx Clover, I'm glad you find SE extremely useful :)

by Rosewill at 20-28-07 18:14

Could you add change font color in batch convert? Thanks

by Moises at 20-06-08 16:57
How can I send you a new subtitle format for you to include in a new beta version

by MagratG at 20-25-08 12:29
I've recently found your great program and I have a question and a query.
Query: My temp directory is filling up with 1000s of png files, the subtitle images, that are not being deleted after closing the program.
Question: Is it possible to return to the current OCR page after leaving it?

by at 20-25-08 21:25
@MagratG: OCR'ing via tesseract will generate temporary files, like "63679263-cc09-4b36-bd4c-08a830896042.png", but they should be deleted immediately... perhaps your anti-virus locks the files or some similar background program on your computer?
You can continue on OCR by opening the image based sub again, and then right-click on the list view and choose "Import text with matching time codes".

by oussama at 20-29-08 12:49
Can you make an option to change the program interface in the form of a black theme?

by at 20-29-08 15:00
@oussama: I started working on this a while ago, but the Winforms controls used by Subtitle Edit just does not offer this functionality :(

It should however be possible with a third party Windows theme: See

by TehBotolSosro at 20-29-08 23:44
Could you please add a feature to automatically remove [c.bg_transparent] and [/c.bg_transparent] from netflix subtitle
i know i can find and replace but it's a hard work to remove many subtitle at once (example tv series)

also after joining multiple subtitle, the undo doesn't work, example i joined multiple subtitle, and press delete line / or add line before, i press the undo button it doesn't revert the delete line / add line before

by TehBotolSosro at 20-30-08 00:03
forget to add, also add the feature to remove the netflix [c.bg_transparent] in the Batch Convert

by TehBotolSosro at 20-30-08 00:05
ahh nevermind the batch convert already have multiple replace option sorry lol :D

by Mark Sweeney at 20-02-09 19:28
I'd love to have a 'Play first 0.5 seconds of Selected Subtitle', and 'Play last 0.5 seconds of Selected Subtitle' to check Start and End Times without having to listen to the entire subtitle.
It would make for faster timing of subs.

by techguru at 20-03-09 05:16
hardsub ocr would be nice
videosubfinder is really the only current option for this

by JD at 20-06-09 15:56
It would be nice if "Adjust Durations" was in "Batch Convert".


by at 20-09-09 18:25
Beta updated:

@TehBotolSosro: Hopefully undo after join is fixed in above beta.

@JD: "Adjust Durations" in "Batch Convert" added in above beta.

Next version should be out soonish :)

by oussama at 20-25-09 01:04
Hi . Can it make Feature . "Un-DOCK video controls" Working on destination specific to idx subtitles ocr . like "Un-DOCK image controls"

by Xy at 20-26-09 12:25
Would it be possible to let us chose if we want to have confirmation pop up after deleting a line?

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