Subtitle Edit 3.5.15

Subtitle Edit 3.5.15 is now ready :)

This version features sentence continuation style, improvements for "Fix common errors", Tesseract 5 Alpha, waveform for video with no audio, customizable F4-F12 shortcuts, improvements for batch convert, improvements for batch waveform generation, new subtitle formats, and much, much more.

by Janusz at 20-01-05 23:59
Import / OCR Blu-ray window ...

Version 3.5.14
   The minimize button is inactive, maximize and restore - active - window scaling works correctly.

Version 3.5.15
   The minimize button is additionally active, however, minimizing and restoring the window incorrectly scales the size of elements in the window. The elements on the right come out of the window. Maximizing and returning does not help. You must restart the image import.

Sorry for my mistakes - I'm using a translator.

by at 20-03-05 11:47
@Janusz: thx for the info - restoring OCR window should work in latest beta:

by Janusz at 20-03-05 13:32
Thank you very much, I have already checked it in the latest "beta" version. It works.

by Xy at 20-04-05 18:26

I was unable to import my default profile file:

Also, when exporting a profile file, in the list, all profiles are selected (arte, netflix...) and then i need to deselect them all except the one I wanted. It would be more convenient if they were all deselected by default.

And finally, when creating a profile in Profiles, after restarting SE,
profile is gone. (SE portable)

by at 20-04-05 19:37
@Janusz: thx for verifying :)

@Xy: thx for the info :)
Beta updated with bugfix for loading old profiles. Also, export window now starts with all profiles deselected (by the way, you can right click and do a "select all" or "inverse selection").
Profiles are kept here after restarting...

by John Navas at 20-05-05 20:09
Why was Tesseract 5 Alpha substituted for Tesseract 4.1.1?!
I prefer to use only stable releases absent a Very Good Reason, and Tesseract 4.1.1 has been working well here.
Please consider keeping Tesseract 4.1.1 until the next stable Tesseract release, at least as a configurable option.
In the meantime, I'm reverting to SE 3.5.14.
Thank you!
p.s. My understanding is that Tesseract 5 is essentially a continuation of Tesseract 4, renamed only because of code revision issues.

by at 20-05-05 20:50
@John Navas: Tesseract 4.1.1 was replaced by Tesseract 5 Alpha because of some bugs - see issue 3933.
I had to choose between the slow 4.1.0 and 5 Alpha.
I don't think the difference between 4 and 5 is very big...

by John Navas at 20-06-05 22:53
Thank you. I now understand the issue, and as a developer myself I feel your pain. However, for me (on Win 8.1 Pro x64) 5 Alpha is:
• less accurate than 4.1.1 (e.g., unable to recognize capital I)
• not noticeably faster on my i7-7820HQ
• not more stable than 4.1.1
So I would prefer to have 4.1.1 instead of 5 Alpha, at least as an option.
But it's not a huge issue, since I can keep using 3.5.14.

by at 20-07-05 07:34
@John Navas: You could take the Tesseract 4 files and put them in the "Tesseract500.Alpha.20200328" folder for latest version...

by John Navas at 20-07-05 18:49
Thank you. I'll probably try that.
Suggestion: Rather than hard code Tesseract versions, you might want to consider scanning folders for what's installed, and presenting those as selection options. That way it would not be necessary to hack different versions into misnamed folders–versions could be installed or uninstalled as desired.

by John Navas at 20-07-05 18:58
p.s. Is there a reason you keep 3.02.00 (which does not appear to be an official release) as fallback rather than 3.05.02 (the latest 3.0x version)?

by at 20-07-05 20:53
@John Navas: I don't have unlimited time to develop SE, so only two versions of Tesseract.

I did some tests when 3.05 came out, and it performed worse. Actually 3.02 often still out-performs Tesseract 5... T5 is very good with small/bad fonts and don't have problems with periods that Tesseract 3 can have (where "..." turns to "u."). T5 has poor italic detection.

by John Navas at 20-07-05 23:18
See Unknown Words from the same input file with the same T4 and the same Settings:
They should be the same, but they aren't.
3.02 is better on capital I, but is otherwise worse:
So perhaps you can now appreciate why I prefer 3.14 and T4.

by John Navas at 20-08-05 00:25
p.s. I don't mean to sound ungrateful–
I appreciate SE, and I thank you for your hard work.

by at 20-08-05 09:30
@John Navas: I think it's better to compare the final result.
Also, you can try engine mode "Original Tesseract only" - that will run something close to Tesseract 3.05.02 I think.
Perhaps it possible to blacklist the "|" symbol for T5?

by ivan Baetens at 20-09-05 09:43
i don't know what happened to the Dutch translation, but can you pls switch it back to the previous because this one sucks, i don't know who did the translation now but it seems like that somebody doens't really speak Dutch at all. A titel is something completely diffrent from a text. So instead offor instance : "minimal time between titels" should be like in previous version "minimal time between texts"

by at 20-09-05 10:25
@ivan: Sorry, I don't know Dutch, but try creating an issue here:

Probably this commit.

by tech at 20-09-05 10:35
would it be possible to hook into abby fine reader for the ocr?

by tech at 20-09-05 10:38
also have you ever tried

by tech at 20-09-05 10:42
theres this one to

by tech at 20-09-05 10:45
one other one to

by capcomcommando at 20-10-05 15:52
I got a weird issue with this version of SE. default shortcut for creating a new line changed, and when I change it back to F9 or any other button, after creating a line my cursor doesn't go to the text window automatically like it used to. it still does that when I create a line manually by clicking on the "insert new subtitle" button.
I had to go back to the previous version and everything is fine there, so that's good at least. but maybe there's a way to fix this? I don't want to do extra work every time by moving the mouse to the text window to start typing, and clicking on the button with the mouse is also not very comfy.

by at 20-10-05 16:11
@capcomcommando: Thx, that should be fixed in latest beta.

by capcomcommando at 20-10-05 16:13
great news, thanks a lot for everything you do, SE is amazing.

by Nicolai at 20-11-05 02:14
I've just tried about 15 SRT translators one after another until I found this one. Now I can finally stop looking. This thing is fantastic

I'm using the google translate api to translate my instructional videos into as many languages as I can. Is there any way to batch translate? If not, is it something you are considering? Thank you for this wonderful app.

by Legion at 20-16-05 21:50
Spell Check keeps defaulting to English (US), earlier versions (3.5.7) locked on to the user-preferred language (English dictionary downloaded). And why should you have the English default set to US English? If you're going to have an English default set it to the home of English - English (United Kingdom), Google Translate already ruins enough subtitles with its default US English and dumb Americanisms without Subtitle Edit adding to the dumbness.

Also, in this version the text in the text-edit box is too small, smaller than in 3.5.7.

by at 20-17-05 07:58
@Nicolai: Cool, I'm glad you like SE.
I've tried to avoid "Batch translate" as the free Google translate quota is too small for this.

That's a bug in the spell check, thx!
Should be fixed in latest beta via this commit.

About the text box size... I normally use pretty large text :)

by :D at 20-19-05 15:22
Thank you so much for making this free!

by at 20-20-05 21:09
@:D: You're welcome :)

by oussama89 at 20-25-05 16:24
Hello, Can you upgrade Tesseract 5.00?
It works on Arabic Subtitle with background like
"Google docs" recognizes text with or without background
He has a Subtitle that I pulled from Hardsub as images
When importing an image via Import images
He does not recognize her

by at 20-01-06 14:44
@oussama89: SE already has Tesseract 5 (alpha)... I guess hardubs are hard to ocr in SE.

by Xy at 20-01-06 22:51

In the latest version I noticed a problem with autobreak,
and now took some time to investigate it.

Note: In version 3.5.14 autobreak works as expected.

My settings are: max single line lenght 40 characters,
and in tools for autobreak, only bottom two squares are checked.

In noticeably uneven lines, when pressing "autobreak" button,
nothing happens. Only when pressing "unbreak", and then "autobreak",
I get desired result.

I made few examples in the following file:

by at 20-03-06 07:58
@Xy: thx for the info :)
Should be fixed in latest beta via this commit.

by oussama89 at 20-03-06 18:34
thanks for your reply . Can you integrate or program with google docs
Because it is a site that knows ocr all the Fonts professionally

by at 20-03-06 19:52
@oussama89: Google cloud OCR is a paid (and expensive) service, so no.

by Xy at 20-03-06 22:56

Thanks, it's good now :)

by Alex at 20-07-06 13:21
Hello and thanks again a lot for your work!
I would like to use the new version but there is the old issue.

If I'm in translate modus and jump to next line (Shift+return) in the old version I'm using (3.5.4) it gos to next line, video is playing and pause. Do I oversee any settings? In all newer versions it gos to next line but the video stays on the old position.

Sry for my English but I hope you understand my issue.

Kind regards

by at 20-07-06 14:39
@Alex: You can choose from many different shortcuts, e.g. like this:

by Alex at 20-07-06 16:51
Yes, with this shortcut it jumps to the correct position in the video but the video doesn't playing.
I replaced the setting file with the one from my older version but it dosen't help too.

by Alex at 20-07-06 16:55
In my older version I use just "Go to next line" and it works.
Therefore I don't understand where is the problem.

by at 20-07-06 19:08
When the "translate" tab (and not "create" or "adjust") is active "Alt+Up/Down" will do this...
Would a new shortcut "Go to next line and play" be useful for you?

Added shortcut "Go to next line and play":

by Alex at 20-07-06 19:19
Yes, it does, thank you! But a new shortcut would very useful! I use your program over the years. And "Shift+Return" & "Shift+Space" are the most shortcuts I use. Could you set both shortcuts "Go to next line and play" and "Go to previous line and play"?

It would be great!

by Alex at 20-07-06 20:26
Thank you for the Beta. I tested it, but the Problem is, the video hast to stop, after this one line was played. Just like "Alt+Up/Down".

by Alex at 20-07-06 20:31
Sry to bother you. I wanted to say, that I don't need "Go to previous line and play" yet. This already works with "Go to next line". Therefore I don't understand why it doesn't work with "Go to next". Maybe because the function is used by "Alt+Up/Down"?

by Alex at 20-07-06 21:00
I'm sorry I didn't read bevor send.
I mean, "Go to previous line and play" already works with "Go to previous line".

by at 20-07-06 22:55
Beta updated with both "Go to previous line and play" and "Go to next line and play" -

by Alex at 20-07-06 23:56
It works perfect, both shortcutst! You are the best!
Thank you very much for your work and your support!

by admas at 20-09-06 09:32

Updated Polish language file for the latest beta version.

by at 20-10-06 06:49
@admas: thx for the update :)
Committed here.

by JD at 20-15-06 00:58
Issue with overlapping lines.

If you have a line, with duration lower than minimum setting, and a line right after, it will overlap line, if you adjust durations.


Before adjust:

After adjust:

SE 3.5.15 Win 10

by Aleksander Zaranski at 20-15-06 20:42
Polish dictionary "Polish (Poland) [pl_PL]" not reliable when attempt to Spell check. [Subtitle Edit 3.5.15]

Spell check -> Polish dictionary: does not work correctly, does not find words with grammatical errors, see below.

Summary: Does the Polish dictionary contain these words and consider them correct?

Koga Kogo
Migdy Nigdy
wymsknięto wymsknięte
czerto-numerowy cztero-numerowy
zemną ze mną
Kochami Kocham

00:36:48,625 --> 00:36:52,374
- Koga mamy?
- Dwóch. McCullan i Wells.

00:48:05,802 --> 00:48:08,756
Migdy nie wiedziałem, żeby samolot
rozpadł się na tyle kawałków.

00:51:46,440 --> 00:51:49,859
Jedno wymsknięto słowo
i już nie żyjecie.

00:55:18,884 --> 00:55:23,842
potrzeba wybrać trzy lub
czerto-numerowy szyfr kombinacyjny,

00:59:57,459 --> 01:00:01,642
Przejdziesz się zemną, do
tego sklepu z tytoniem?

01:01:35,239 --> 01:01:37,973
Kochami cię, Margaret.

by Aleksander Zaranski at 20-16-06 06:59
The selected test type has been completely failed. It didn't bring any correct changes, the two functions only introduced grammatical noise.
#1 Add period after lines where the next line start with uppercase letter
#2 Break long lines.

After visual inspection, the following errors were found:
1. Ending the sentence, after the word "the guest" there should be a period. -> "the guest."
2. The beginning of the sentence, the word "the subject" should start with a capital letter. -> "The subject"
3. Ending the sentence, after the word "les invités" there should be a period. -> "les invités."
4. The beginning of the sentence, the word "le sujet" should start with a capital letter. -> "Le sujet"
4. Ending the sentence, after the word "d'armes" should be a period. -> "d'armes."

00:01:05,983 --> 00:01:07,526
This afternoon we have a meeting with Iran, Iraq and
00:02:05,000 --> 00:02:07,961
Kuwait, France will be the guest
the subject is the sale of a large number of weapons
00:02:15,969 --> 00:02:18,972
Cet après-midi, nous avons une réunion avec l'Iran, l'Irak et
00:02:20,974 --> 00:02:23,977
Le Koweït, France seront les invités
le sujet est la vente d'un grand nombre d'armes

00:01:05,983 --> 00:01:07,526
This afternoon we have a
meeting with Iran, Iraq and.
00:02:05,000 --> 00:02:07,961
Kuwait, France will be the guest the subject
is the sale of a large number of weapons.
00:02:15,969 --> 00:02:18,972
Cet après-midi, nous avons
une réunion avec l'Iran, l'Irak et.
00:02:20,974 --> 00:02:23,977
Le Koweït, France seront les invités le
sujet est la vente d'un grand nombre d'armes

by at 20-16-06 16:24
@JD: thx, will be fixed in 3.5.16 - which should be out shortly.

@Aleksander: I'll try to email back when I get some time.

by Aleksander Zaranski at 20-16-06 20:38
Thanks Nikolaj for the message!

When TextBox is empty no attempt to "warning message". The button should be (grayed out, inactive)
1. Go to Option, Settings, Word list.
2. All the 4 TextBox are empty.
3. Buttons: Add name, Add word, Add pair.
They do not look like "Delete" buttons (grayed out, inactive).
4. Leave the textbox empty. Click Button "Add Name"
5. Warning message displayed: Word already exist!

by Aleksander Zaranski at 20-17-06 00:41
Word deleted from ListBox and added again is not listed in the ListBox.

This is the next problem found which belongs to:
1. Go to Option, Settings, Word list.
2. Word list
Language: English (United Stated)
Names/Ignore list (case sensitive)
3. This option is tested only.
4. Find word "Aaron" and delete this word using the "Remove" button
5. The word "Aaron" has been removed from the ListBox -> Visual inspection
6. Using the textbox, add the word "Aaron" click button "Add Name"
Message displayed below -> Word added: Aaron
7. The word is not listed in ListBox but is added to en_names_user.xml


8. The word is not deleted from names.xml

by Huong Nguyen at 20-29-09 16:12
Can you help me to set up on Macbook? I cannot install it on my lap. Thanks.

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