Subtitle Edit 3.5.7

SE 3.5.7 is out now.

Change log:

  • New: New subtitle formats
  • New: Font can be different for subtitle list view / text box
  • New: Indonesian translation - thx Nicedward
  • New: Support for mp4 dash ttml - thx Octirius
  • New: Shortcut for toggle music symbols - thx robtor
  • New: Shortcuts "Batch convert" + "waveform split"
  • New: Shortcuts for bilingual line merge/split
  • New: "Shift+F3" shortcut for backward search - thx OmrSi/Leon
  • New: New setting: volume boost
  • New: New setting: "save as..." take file name from
  • New: Download of ffmpeg
  • Improved: Update Brazilian translation - thx Igor
  • Improved: Update Czech translation - thx Trottel
  • Improved: Update Hungarian translation - thx ZityiSoft Team
  • Improved: Update Turkish translation - thx Falcon006
  • Improved: Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S
  • Improved: Update Bulgarian translation - thx KalinM
  • Improved: Update Chinese translation - thx Leon
  • Improved: Update Romanian translation - thx Mircea
  • Improved: Update Basque translation - thx Xabier
  • Improved: Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Update Russian translation - thx Elheym
  • Improved: Update Tesseract OCR from 3.02 to 4.0 (beta 3)
  • Improved: Minor improvements for Video -> Generate/import scene changes
  • Improved: Remember OCR spell check dictionary for tesseract - thx raymondjpg
  • Improved: Add some style support to "Modify selection"
  • Improved: Ctrl+a/ctrl+d/ctrl+shift+i works in more lists - thx tormento
  • Improved: Add shortcut for open translator mode - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Add shortcut "Go to previous sub (from video pos)" - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Hide cursor in video fullscreen mode/mpv - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Respect line break for waveform preview text - thx Leon
  • Improved: Add check for frame rate in Netflix quality checker - thx Justin
  • Improved: Add ">" and "<" duration in "Modify selection"
  • Improved: Improve EBU STL properties regarding "language code"
  • Improved: Add "Export" for compare tool - thx Kait
  • Improved: Add "Search" in Options -> Settings -> Shortcuts - thx Leon/OmrSi
  • Improved: Add "Search" in "Open subtitle w manual chosen encoding"
  • Improved: Some improvements of waveform file name - thx OmrSi/Jamakmake
  • Improved: Allow up to 2 mb ebu stl sub files - thx Yusuf
  • Improved: Add "Import as plain text" button for unknown subtitle types
  • Improved: Improve ansi code page detection a bit - thx Xy
  • Improved: Batch convert can now handle mkv pgs/vobsub
  • Fixed: "Add to names list" in OCR spell check - thx daed-alus/Sergiy
  • Fixed: "Generate scene changes" decimal point issue - thx Max
  • Fixed: Issue with "max time" after "split line" - thx Jüri
  • Fixed: "Remove text for HI" issue - thx btsix
  • Fixed: Casing issue regarding "President" - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Hashtag issue in "Fix common errors"
  • Fixed: Improve Swedish/Finnish language auto-detect - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Crash in change play rate - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Some issues found by PVS-Studio - thx SvyatoslavRazmyslov
  • Fixed: "Replace all" with single letter - thx amerzone
  • Fixed: Issue with Greek / "Fix missing spaces" - thx amerzone
  • Fixed: Normalize "new-line" from mkv files - thx mkver
  • Fixed: Do not allow navigating before zero in video - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Issue with nested tags in "Remove text for HI" - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Image render issue regarding italic/font - thx Cemal
  • Fixed: Bottom margin in batch image export - thx Cemal
  • Fixed: Possible crash in list view - thx lambdacore12
  • Fixed: For "Remove text for HI" - thx Lynton
  • Fixed: List view focus after video fullscreen - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: File -> Open (Keep Video)... - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Error when using Regex replace - thx OmrSi/mkver
  • Fixed: List view line focus issue - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Text box size in RTL mode after closing original - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Issue with last line in some .smi files - thx Rex
  • Fixed: "Move start/end 100 ms back/forward" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: For "Fix (remove dash) lines beginning w dash" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Changed status for non utf-8 files - thx OmrSi/mkver
  • Fixed: Crash with file containing the word "speakers" - txh darnn
  • Fixed: Batch convert: Remember "remove interjections" - thx MosDos96
  • Fixed: ass/ssa bug in "Remove text for HI" - thx MosDos96
  • Fixed: Bug in "Move 100 ms forw/back" + translation - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Crash in statistics - thx khashayarxy
  • Fixed: Crash with Gap Column - thx Leon
  • Fixed: Issue with "Fix missing spaces" and "?" - thx Boulder08
  • Fixed: Crash in "Remove text for HI" - thx tormento
  • Fixed: Reset video position after new file - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Shortcut "Column, Delete text" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Character count in EBU STL propertie - thx FVonFaschion
  • Fixed: Style when add subtitle with F9 in create mode - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Typewriter effect with tags - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Copy source to clipboard now adds video offset - thx Ingo
  • Fixed: Duplicate postfix in "translate selected" - thx Jamakmake
  • Fixed: For last line in "Replace all" - thx ryvec
  • Fixed: For setting index for recent file - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Current line issue for "Set end, offset rest" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Decimal point issue with ASS - thx Thierry
  • Fixed: Info msg after "Multiple replace" - thx OmrSi

by Peter at 18-09-09 06:49
Nothing to comment, just wanted to be the first one.
Thanks for the update.

by tech at 18-14-09 15:22
new feature request
ability to OCR hardsubs from video

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