Subtitle Edit 3.5.5

Subtitle Edit 3.5.5 is out in the open.

Change log

  • New subtitle formats
  • New sync options when re-exporting image formats - thx Music Fan
  • New shortcuts - thx darnn
  • New shortcut "Go to prev scene change" shortcut - thx Ingo
  • New advanced fcpxml 1.5 export
  • Update Bulgarian translation - thx Maknol
  • Update Hungarian translation - thx ZityiSoft Team
  • Update French translatin - thx JM GBT
  • Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Update Polish translation - thx admas
  • Update Dutch translation - thx RenĂ©
  • Update Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Update Simplified Chinese translation - thx Leon
  • Update Russian translation - thx Elheym
  • Add "Description" to "multiple replace" rules
  • Add "Total duration of all subtitles" to File -> Statistics
  • SSA/ASSA styles import/export works with multiple styles
  • Fix mpv preview font size (regression from 3.5.4) - thx OmrSi
  • Fix many binary OCR issues - thx Jamakmake
  • Fix issue with video preview size with libmpv - thx darnn
  • Fix crash in "Fix common errors" - thx tormento
  • Fix for high hours in HHMMSSFF time code mode - thx darnn
  • Fix for creating Blu-ray sup palette - thx Music Fan
  • Fix for multiple audio tracks using libvlc - thx bruno
  • Fix Croatian Tesseract dictionary download - thx ExYuSubs
  • Fix "Find/Replace" with whole word for Arabic - thx OmrSi
  • Check subtitle max file size in append - thx Sopor
  • Make "Go to next error" work with CPS and WPM
  • Fix crash in "auto-br" - thx Mihael
  • Fix slowness in "Multiple replace" - thx Finduilas
  • Fix missing letters in "Binary image compare" - thx Flitskikker
  • Fix bold for batch converting to image based formats - thx nstefy
  • Fix some accented characters in SCC - thx thehulk
  • Improve Romanian language auto-detect - thx Mihai
  • Fix some minor issues with space/translation - thx Jamakmake
  • Allow import plain text even if file is in use - thx darnn
  • Fix undo after "Import plain text" - thx darnn
  • Fix issues with find/replace in translator mode - thx darnn
  • Fix "Find whole word" issue - thx OmrSi
  • Fix issue in "Find & count" with regex - thx ivandrofly
  • Fix wrong text for "split long lines" - thx Christian
  • Fix for format "KanopyHtml" "stealing" TTML - thx nathaniel1977
  • Fix exporting SSA/ASSA styles with space in name - thx sneaker_ger
  • Fix crash in TTML 1.0 saving - thx nathaniel1977
  • Fix issue in "Change casing" - thx Chamallow
  • Fix batch/cmd extract of multi tracks in mkv - thx Rouzax
  • Fix issue with newline/regex in "Multiple replace" - thx mkver
Known bug: If you use Ctrl+P to paste time codes in the "time-code-edit-box" (e.g. in "Point sync"), please use latest beta or changes via Ctrl+P will be ignored!

by techguru at 18-03-02 04:48
good update
now I wonder if you would be able to make SE better able to handle the more advanced features of ASS format

by Mihai at 18-03-02 21:28
Right click on red word in the gray area of the spell check frame, pop-up an "add 'word' to name list".
Can you put also "add 'word' to user Dictionary".in the same pop-up?
Very useful to add compound words to user Dictionary (you almost fixed this for Romanian after my request)

by Bob Babcock at 18-04-02 07:00
If I load an mkv file with subtitles it works fine. But if I then load another mkv file without restarting Subtitle Edit, it goes unresponsive. This has been happening for a while. I've been negligent in not reporting sooner.

Windows 7 64-bit.

by ali at 18-05-02 17:04
hey thank you for all your work
can you add this feature
Fix RTL Via Unicode control Characters (for selected lines)
to Batch convert settings
it well help us greatly in extracted netflix subtitles

by mmg at 18-05-02 18:50
hey thank you for all your work
can you add this feature
Fix RTL Via Unicode control Characters (for selected lines)
to Batch convert settings
it well help us greatly in extracted netflix subtitles

by Nima Mirzaalikhan at 18-05-02 19:29
i have some code that you must add it for Removing Empty Lines.
there is a character that is not space but it is like space.
you must Replace it With space in Paragraphs. i had a subtitle with empty lines, with this wierd character!.
add my one line code in your public class FixEmptyLines.
test this little character in notepad with left and right arrows and see it yourself

by at 18-05-02 20:43
@techguru: thx. I don't plan on adding much more ASS stuff - we have Aegisub for that - but ASS/SSA should work well in SE too.

@Mihai: OK, added in latest beta.

@Bob Babcock: How can I re-create this?

@Nima: thx, remove empty lines will work with this character too now.

by Nima Mirzaalikhan at 18-06-02 16:22 Thanks For Your Hard Work. this software is one of my favorites

by Hassan at 18-07-02 07:44
I have a problem in Win10 pro v1709 with latest updates, as you know when translating and then moving to next line with "Shift+Enter" key, with a loaded video, it should play the duration where the text line was said but it doesn't, and also it should select all the text in the line but it also doesn't
the video problem doesn't exist in SE353, but it has another problem when moving to next line it deletes all text as it if presses Space bar automatically in keyboard, so it's annoying when you want to make quick review
Thanks in advance

by Mike at 18-12-02 23:59
The Point Synch feature is not working at all in version 3.5.5. I tried to do some resynching and despite me entering the specific times I wanted, after I hit "apply" it didn't do anything once it went back to the regular subtitle screen.

Also, please fix the "Change Frame Rate" feature. It's still buggy as not all of the conversion options come out right.

by at 18-13-02 07:32
@Hassan: SE behaves different for different modes, e.g. in "Translate mode" the text box text is selected when you go to prev/next subtitle.

@Mike: sorry about the point sync - copy/paste is not registered as mentioned on the blog, but do try latest beta.
Could you explain more about the "Change frame rate"?

by Mihai at 18-14-02 11:58
Waveform extractor: ffmpeg
Video player: VLC 2.2.6
Opening srt 1/10 of the movie season
Video - batch generate waveforms - selecting videos from 2/10 to 10/10 - generate waveforms.
Close when finished
Click in the waveform frame, to generate waveform for the currently loaded srt+video (1/10)
An error message pops about the need for VLC] 1.1

To me, seems as a glitch since I use ffmpeg and 9 of the movies are already extracted
After restart, SE is able to extract the waveform with click on the frame, without any error messages.

by Mihai at 18-14-02 12:52
To use MPC-HC as video player, I MUST INSTALL IT ?
Currently I use the "portable" (non setup) from the 7z archive.
Where should I put the exe, or how to put the relative path so the option in SE grays out and can be selected?
"D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\MPC-HC\mpc-hc.exe"
"D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\Subtitle Edit\SubtitleEdit.exe"

The path "D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\" is common to both of them, and "D" is the portable drive (drive letter MIGHT change sometimes)

by Peter at 18-15-02 04:45
On the top right corner of waveform, where it displays file name and framerate, is it possible to have the framerate bigger, bold, and some bright color? I work with files that are mostly 29.97FPS, but sometimes I get 25FPS files and I just don't notice (until client sends the file back) because it's so bland. I just miss it. I would love to have it more popping and visible.
Thank you.

by moob at 18-18-02 01:06

update pt-PT language until lastest git-b24eb52


by at 18-25-02 21:55
@moob: thx for the update :)

Also, next update will be out soon, so do give latest beta a test run :)

by admas at 18-26-02 08:12
Update Polish language to the last version.

by at 18-26-02 20:36
@admas: thx for the update :)

by Vincent Yu at 18-27-02 10:18
Feels like a bug: when I opened a .mp4 file with a tx3g subtitle, the timing of the subtitles opened in subtitle editor seemed to be off. I then tried to extract the subtitle with ffmeg, the extracted subtitle had correcting timing.

by Amrit at 18-03-03 03:31
Why am I getting a big red cross in the waveform field?

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