Subtitle Edit 3.5.3

Subtitle Edit 3.5.3 comes with a huge change log after 284 commits and 130,000 downloads on Github since previous release:

  • New Netflix quality checker - thx askolesov/pavel-belenko
  • New subtitle formats
  • Import plain text now also supports input as HTML
  • Added "Total words" to statistics - thx Barbara
  • Added more Tesseract dictionaries - thx lucybook/Elheym
  • Added "Video auto-load" to UI settings (now possible to NOT auto-load video) - thx mtarini
  • "names_etc.xml" renamed to "names.xml" + local dictionaries now has a "blacklist" - thx ivandrofly
  • In "Change casing" it's now possible to add extra names
  • Export image margins are now percentage - thx aaaxx/gorgorias
  • "Insert subtitle here..." added to waveform context menu (append subtitle at waveform position)
  • Fixed crash in "Add to user dictionary" in OCR - thx alfix0
  • Fixed original file name bug in "Undo" - thx darnn
  • Fixed non default timecode scales in MKV - thx mkver
  • Fix layout of translator mode in RTL mode - thx darnn
  • Fixed possible crash in "CleanAutoBackupFolder" - thx kaser2010
  • Fix missing UTF-8 tag in OCR HTML export - thx dgonyier
  • Fixed issue regarding "Fix dialogs on one line" - thx ingo
  • Fixed possible crash in EBU STL - thx Elena
  • Video player "Stop" resets playback position - thx askolesov/pavel-belenko
  • Many fixes for TTML 1.0 and Netflix Timed Text - thx askolesov/pavel-belenko
  • Fixed locking of input subtitle file (for unknown subtitles) - thx darnn
  • Fixed crash after unsuccessful load of subtitle file - thx darnn
  • Fixed possible crash in "Batch convert" - thx FreezinG117
  • Fixed issue with the German open quotation mark - thx Ninelpienel
  • Fixed bug in "Reverse RTL start/end" - thx darnn
  • Fixed "FCP + image" export for drop frame rates - thx chris
  • Fixed finding Tesseract traineddata files on Linux - thx mooop12
  • Fixed loading of "mks" files from cmd line - thx Charles
  • Fixed auto-backup for "EBU STL" format - thx Mirka
  • Fixed new ASS/SSA style with space in name - thx hello_hello
  • Fixed issue with empty time code in format "TT draft 2006-10" - thx Georg-J
  • Fixed styling inside "span" in format TTML - thx Johan
  • Fixed hashtag character in "PAC" format - thx Nuri
  • Fix for "go to next" shortcut in translate mode - thx Alex
  • Fixed crash in "Binary image compare" OCR with empty image
  • Some minor fixes for spell check "change whole word" - thx N/A

Enjoy :)

by techguru at 17-12-05 23:38
first :)

by at 17-13-05 08:38
He, by the way, I think it also could be a first that virus total has zero false positives :)

by AcD08 at 17-13-05 14:48
Hey, When you will update ORC Auto Correction/Spell Checking ver Japanese for Japanese .sup?

by Camille at 17-13-05 18:50
Hi. I just updated to 3.5.3 and can't seem to get the duration box to not overlap with the text box, no matter how I resize things. Any ideas? It blocks the first 1-2 letters of the text. thanks!

by tin at 17-16-05 08:39
I have the latest version of VLC and Subtitle Edit 3.5.3. The program works correctly, but if I want to show the waveform, an error occurs. I reinstalled the window and the error is repeated.

VLC was unable to extract audio data to wave file. ???

by techguru at 17-17-05 20:39
how about working on adding the hardsub OCRing that SE really needs

by Steve at 17-18-05 12:29
Can you please add the subtitle format MacCaption MMC?
I'm attaching a sample .MCC file.
Thank you.

by at 17-18-05 14:06
OCR works perfectly on my old computer, that has´nt been updated for some month, but not on the updated one.
OCR virker kun på den computer, som ikke er opdateret i måneder. Der er intet tesseract installeret. SE35 ses heller ikke, den kører åbenbart som "stand alone". ?? VH Bjarne

by Translation at 17-19-05 09:10
The Persian does not work well with the software. When I select the Right-to-Left mode, it does not changes the way writing. Sometimes it changes the mode and sometimes it does not work.
The other problem is that punctuation like full stop and exclamation are not shown appropriately on the screen when the language is Persian. Instead of showing the full stop at the end of sentence it shows it at the beginning of the sentence.
I tried "Reverse RTL" but it negatively affects the question marks while makes the other punctuation makers to be shown rightly.

by fox at 17-21-05 03:38
Hi nikse.
Both MPC-HC and VLC players could be installed by unpacking an archive.
It would be great to be able to point to the MPC-HC directory the same way as for VLC.

by pson at 17-21-05 11:14
My earlier problems with 'Remove text for hearing impaired' seem to be gone, thanks for that. :)

Another very annoying thing though. Not sure but this is maybe an old thing but I realized it now since I've by mistake replaced my old names/ocr list with hundreds and hundreds of names and stuff from different TV series.
Every time I highlight a word and use the command to add it to names list the language is always set to en_GB no matter what I used the last time, didn't this used to be remembered?
If not, can you fix that or in some way make it an option to set what language you want as a default name list?

by N/A at 17-22-05 21:49
Hi there. One small but irritating issue i have with SE since 3.51 i've worked with it, is that when you activate fullscreen, the bar at the bottom of the screen appears for too long over the subtitles (for my taste at least - btw, I'm using DirectShow). It would be nice if when the bar is shown, the subtitles (and the DirectShow window) were resized (smaller height) so that the bar didn't overlap. When the bar gets hidden, the screen would be expanded again.

by N/A at 17-22-05 22:39
A question. Is there a keyboard shortcut to start playback from the currently selected subtitle? I only found a "Play Selection" under Waveform but this stops when the end of the subtitle is reached. I would like one that continues playback.

If it does not exist, i would like to request one to be added to the list of shortcuts.

by at 17-26-05 18:55
@AcD08: What's wrong with the Japanese OCR? I guess both Tesseract and "Binary image compare" should work... ?

@Camille: Try latest beta.

@Steve: I don't know much about the "MacCaption MMC" format or have the specs... perhaps if you could create an issue on Github some ppl will help/know more?

@tin: You could try to extract the audio with FFmpeg... See options -> settings -> waveform.

@Translation: Some fixes has been made - also for spell check.

by william at 17-28-05 10:33
dear nikse

thank you for adding actor viewer to ssa file
can you please add an edit box for actor name to add or edit actor name.


by at 17-29-05 15:51
@pson: Since SE 3.5.3 the "name list" is no longer culture specific - and it seems that the "add to names" window was forgotten... so thx :)
Hopefully fixed in latest beta.

@N/A: I've tested the fullscreen-make-picture-smaller-when-controls-are-visible in latest beta but perhaps the best solution is just shorten the time the displays are visible to 1 sec or ?

by connect at 17-29-05 16:50
Option to break lines ( or a user-managed list) only after certain special characters such as : . , ; ? ! " ' ... > ] ) - And before Contraction and Abbreviation like Dr, Prof., Rev., Ph.D.s, ...

It would be very interesting and unique. Thanks for the great software dude!

Another good tool that could be integrated into the software would be the Duration expander/reducer like subtitleworkshop. See:

by Matt at 17-30-05 08:02
Is it possible to play video at 2x or 1.5x speed?
Whilst proofreading, it'd really save time if I could play the videos faster.
Thank you.

by at 17-30-05 15:58
@connect: Check Options -> Settings -> Misc. -> Do not break after list... and Tools -> Adjust duration.

@Matt: (It might depend on you video player but) look for a green double arrow in the waveform controls.

by pson at 17-31-05 02:08
So what are the en_names.xml and such then if the culture specific files isn't used? And how do I import my old list of names?
Thought I had replaced it since all the names were gone but at a closer look it's still there.

by at 17-31-05 19:13
@pson: Sorry about that, seems this is not handled :(
You could rename your old "en_US_names_etc.xml" to "en_names.xml" if you previously used "en_US_names_etc.xml".
Also, the "Name list manager" plugin can move names from one name list to another (after the plugin is installed it's available in the spell check menu).

by Purushottam Agrawal at 17-02-06 12:19
Thanks for providing New Netflix quality checker.
It checks errors in depth.
Will you upgrade it further?

by pson at 17-03-06 12:48
OK, so en_names.xml is the one to use. What is names.xml used for then?
And still a bit confused though. If there is no culture specific options to be made why are there so many different *_names.xml files?
And think the Name list manager needs an update cause the en_names.xml isn't visible so can't read or write to it.

by mohameddrawesh2000 at 17-15-06 23:13
hi what's the shortcut for fix rtl via unicode characters?

by JJD at 17-17-06 13:55
Portable version, did not read settings.xml from current directory, it creates one in "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Subtitle Edit". In that way, the old user's dictionary is useless

by linnthura at 17-17-06 18:54
plaease put myanmar(burmese) language for ORC Method !

by TCR at 17-19-06 09:51
Is it correct that the last three update versions called build 58?

by Hablaras at 17-19-06 22:03
The function "go to video position and play" will repeat the current subtitle line over and over.
Would it be possible to add an option to start and keep on playing the movie until the end, so I can better determine the location, because I might be off by one or two spoken lines!

by Sean at 17-29-06 09:24
Suggestions for the auto break text:
Subtitles look good when they are bottom-heavy, which essentially means that bottom line of subtitle
is longer than the upper line. In most cases, SubtitleEdit doesn't keep the subtitle, bottom-heavy.
It should not break the article (A, An, The) and if possible, break the line at a period or a comma.
Also, it should not break the line at third person 'I'.
If there is text like (abc[space],) it breaks the line at [sapce] and "," is placed in the next line which is wrong. (It's not always true, but it happened to me a lot).

(Of course, all of these rules will be broken when charcters limit is reached.)

Other suggestions:
If you end quote like this, (abc[space].") , then Remove Unneeded Spaces does not remove that space.
Also, Fix Alone Lowercase i, fixes words like "i.e." where i is supposed to be in lowercase.

by at 17-30-06 07:37
@Purushottam: What are you missing? The plan is to make a "Fix netflix errors" some time in the future.

@pson: "names.xml" is the large names list for all languages. Local names files like "en_names.xml" is small and can contain a blacklist to block names from "names.xml".

@TCR: Some times the beta versions have the same version number - it happens when some test-feature is committed to github.

@Sean: Check Options -> Settings -> Tools for a "do not break after word list".
Also, I cannot re-create the lowercase i fix regarding "i.e."...

by Ziad at 17-05-07 05:17
There is a problem related to ass files. if the subtitle line has override tags fscx or fscy then once you open the ass file with SE then you drop this tag

i.e.: the original line in ass


the moment you open it with SE then it will be changed to
[font size="65" color="#433d52" size="cx65" size="cy65"]{\blur0.8\pos(605,310.5)}Home
[/font][font size="80"]Alone[/font]

now save it and re-open the ass and you will find the line changed to

the font scaling effect has gone!!

this will cause that the desire effect will not appear as intended while playing the video.

I hope you can fix it.

by techguru at 17-09-07 08:45
@ZIAD...if your doing advanced subtitles with should use aegisub for that..not SE

by at 17-14-07 15:36
How do I extract subs from BLU-RAY

by ZoneX at 17-18-07 00:43
MPC-HC project is officially discontinued...
I think that's time to change SE player integration from MPC-HC to MPC-BE with a small code refactoring related to the media player controls.

by at 17-18-07 11:54 Use eac3to to get the sup files - read more here.

@ZoneX: Sorry, I don't think MPC-BE supports slave mode or has an api - but do ask them if you want this.

by moob at 17-18-07 17:55

update pt-PT language until lastest git-f7be7a9


by techguru at 17-19-07 07:34
I wouldn't count mpc-hc out just yet...theres a ton of people over the world who use it so it will most likely be picked up again

by moob at 17-27-07 19:03

update pt-PT language until lastest git-6133607


by TCR at 17-28-07 12:07
Is it correct that the automatic backup function doesn't work. In earlier versions this option made every 15 minutes a backup, now is the map AutoBackup empty.

by George at 17-28-07 19:14
Suggestion: when using Find, an option to "only show lines with results". This will hide all other lines in the List view.

It's desirable when you want to search or edit something, and also avoid all possible spoilers from the rest of the subtitles. Fairly common situation, at least for me.

Thanks for your great program.

by Andi at 17-03-08 13:45
Great program, but I miss the option to save an export profil.

by Nor at 17-08-08 22:24
Hi I'm using Subtitle Edit 3.5.3
But there is a problem with the Arabic language
When converting a file format from IDX / SUB to the format of the SRT file
the Arabic language changes to the language of symbols 😩☹

by loninappleton at 17-15-08 21:51
Is there is a way to convert a stand alone mks subtitle file to srt ?

Please give a detailed instruction on how to do it. So far I have used the instruction to move/replace tesseract OCR. However I get nothing but machine characters.

If there is a forum for this please advise. I've been on this problem for almost a week.

The goal is Load this MKS and convert to SRT for new recode.
Even players will not load this mks properly.

Will check back.

Notify me by my email if possible

by Clione at 17-29-08 15:45

When exporting the subtitle imported from VOB/IFO(DVD) to SUB/IDX files,
I'd like to select the setting to KEEP the image position (Align, Bottom margin, Left/Right margin) as original.


by techguru at 17-31-08 10:08
@clione good luck with that..I asked for that back in version 2.5x....its not really possible cause vobsub doesn't have positioning info...its just one big frame

by moob at 17-04-09 23:57

update pt-PT language until lastest git-a98952a


by at 17-05-09 18:25
@moob: thx :)
Updated in git.

by paul at 17-24-09 12:57
Could you please use standard menu system from windows? Currently, the font size of menu seems like to be fixed at "8" which crushes CJK (asian) fonts. The font size should be 9 at least and I'd like to use "10" if configurable. Please consider this in next version. Thanks.

by paul at 17-24-09 12:59
PS. It would be appreciated if it is possible to change the font size of configuration and main window too.

by at 17-29-09 20:33
SE 3.5.4 will be out soon - if you have a little time to spare, please do test out latest beta for a while: (portable version).

by gambool at 17-03-10 12:47
Hi nikse, please check the batch convert window in SE 3.5.4. a tiny GUI issue in there, under "Show all lines".

by SwK at 17-08-10 16:18

Is there a way to create the NetflixQualityCheck.csv by command line?
I tried just converting to dfxp, but no csv...
Could you pleas advise..

by Anonymous at 17-30-10 07:37
Sometimes the cursor in the audio is not perfect when playing. For example when playing, the cursor marks that is in a point, but then when I go on that point it is actually at another point.
And can you fix the alignment in the video window?

by Lee keun young at 18-05-01 07:17
'the plain text can be uploade as a HTML '
What does this can function as? i need a explanation.

by CStall at 18-29-01 23:29 Is there a way to create some sort of macro that fixes overlapping lines by merging with the previous line? Say I have an overlapping error on lines 1 and 2... the macro would merge line 2 with 1 and add a "

Please let me know.

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