Subtitle Edit 3.5.2

Subtitle Edit 3.5.2 is ready for download.

Change log (partial):

  • Added optional list view columns "chars/sec" + "words/min"
  • New setting for waveform: Set video position when moving start/end
  • Added preview text inside video for "libmpv"
  • Fixed play current/selection not stopping - thx rhazor
  • Fixed fast forward waveform scrolling with mouse wheel
  • Fixed bug in spell check "change word" regarding "¿?" - thx locotus
  • Fix in "Fix common errors" regarding de-selected fixes - thx Tronar  
  • Fixed italic rendering issue in format DCinema SMPTE - thx Miga
  • Fixed bug in image export - thx marb99
  • "Fix common errors" - only delete/merge line still enables "OK" button
  • "Batch convert" - don't clear ASS/SSA style after format change - thx Thunderbolt8
  • Fix for multi-line italic in format TTML 1.0 - thx nathaniel1977
  • Fixed "libmpv" re-open video issue

by Jimmy at 17-03-03 20:53
I love subtitle edit, but it is a little something it doesn't do (for the moment).
It can read dvb subtitle from ts file which is great but it cannot export that subtitle directly to idx & subs ("without reencoding"). Since you have the images of the subtitles frames already parsed, the process should be very short.
Not even latest version of mkvextract cannot extract dvb subtitle and/or convert it into something useful like idx+subs. But the MKVToolNix GUI is making progress recognising dvb subtitle but it can only save it separately as mks which is a unuseful format.
Some media players do see subtitle in the .ts files, but some bluray players do not see dvb subs. If you could translate the dvbsub into idx+subs, we could use mkvmerge to add idx & sub subtitles to the .ts movies so every bluray should see subtitles.
I know OCR is great but sometimes even tesseract can produce wrong results (at least 2 times the subtitle should be reread in order not the let mistakes in the srt file). I have tried the other OCR methods but they produce even worse results. But as far I could test, there is nothing better than tesseract at this moment. The algoritm should be better implemented for Romanian language in order to recognize better the letters but that is another thing.
Can you help me?
Keep on doing the good work.

by at 17-03-03 21:20
@Jimmy: If you right-click in the OCR window, I think there's an export context menu, right?

by Liberty at 17-05-03 10:14
In Download 3.5.2 Windos Defender detect trojanSpy:Win32/Skeeyah.A!rfn.
Cheek it.

by at 17-05-03 10:42
@Liberty: Please report false positive to your anti virus provider!

by Mia at 17-05-03 11:03
Thank you for the new version, specially for the added shortcut "Go to previous line and set video position". :)

by techguru at 17-05-03 11:31
can you add some different layouts for the video and audio
I personally like the video to be at the top left
and the audio waveform to be top right...

by Karl Hofmann at 17-06-03 16:28
a lot of antivirus are detecting latest version as trojan... Nikolaj, what are you hidding in your code??? ;-)

by perelli at 17-06-03 18:21
I dont think so.

by at 17-06-03 18:47
I've written a lot of false positive reports the last few days... the same as usual when a new SE release is out.
@Karl Hofmann: Yes, it's very annoying... but you can also compile from source code :)
Probably got about 50 emails about this - a few from very angry ppl even....

by Karl Hofmann at 17-08-03 03:13
Problem solved with Kaspersky, Avira, Comodo and Bitdefender. Finally!!!!

by Roman at 17-08-03 16:50
It's still marked as trojan in Windows Defender.

by at 17-08-03 18:45
@Roman: I presume you have helped and reported it as a false positive? Thx if you have or will do so.
Anyway, hopefully someone has helped (I don't use Windows Defender), and in that case try to update your virus definitions in a few days.

Update: All anti virus providers are happy now - thx to all the ppl who reported false positive :)

by N/A at 17-10-03 20:35
I have faced this phenomenon in some subtitles:

[i]Thi[/i][i]s i[/i][i]s|a te[/i][i]st[/i]

I wonder if there is a way to auto-convert it (with a single click) to a more proper:

[i]This is[/i]|[i]a test[/i]

or maybe

[i]This is|a test[/i]

by N/A at 17-10-03 21:08
OK, a couple more questions/comments about spell checking.

1. Spell-check. Found an error. Edit whole text. Spell checker assumes that when you have edited the current word or text, it should continue from the next word. It would be nice if after you edit the text, there was a button to "save and re-check the text".

2. When you cancel the spell checker and restart it, you are asked: "continue with current spell-check". Pressing NO, starts from the beginning. Pressing YES continues from the last text you had spell-checked. Is there a way to start the spell checking with the currently selected line in the grid?

by N/A at 17-10-03 21:43

Spell checker again. In the spell-check dialog, the speller reports an error in a subtitle:

--- He said, "Hel lo"

which has an extra space. I press "Edit whole text", i delete the space and press "change". The speller saves the text and reports the "lo" part of the new "Hello" word as an error! Shouldn't it re-parse the text and realize that the word has now changed from "Hel" to "Hello"?

by pson at 17-10-03 21:57
Are there any way to batch generate waveforms in an easy way?
Guess I have to use some command line for VLC so there's probably some guide out there to be found. But how do I fix the filenames so the waveform will load by itself when I open the video?

by pson at 17-10-03 23:38
Never mind, thought I'd looked everywhere but apparently not, found the dialog for it :)

by Rex at 17-11-03 15:59
SE don't show the unicode chr U+200E (8206), so when converting from UFT-8 to 1252 it converts it to "?" and if one just keeps the UTF-8 it shows up as an break-arrow (in vlc)
An sample sub can be found here


by DBsBug at 17-18-03 00:01
I've been using SE for a few months now and wanted to say thank you for this very useful app. I have recently encountered an issue that I'm hoping that someone might be able to assist with. Windows 10 just recently installed an update - and now every time I launch SE, it aborts. I've tried uninstalling (and removing folders as mentioned elsewhere) at which point it can launch. But upon opening any .srt file the app crashes again - and any attempt to restart it, results in another crash.

Any guidance?

Much appreciated.

by Andreas at 17-18-03 01:35
I have the same crash issue on the latest version on windows 10 and .srt. More specifically, when I click on any sync option the programm will crash immediately.

by leemet at 17-19-03 01:06
Please check out this issue:

It really exists, I couldn't open any videos until uninstalled the update KB4013429. After uninstalling that, SE worked like a charm. However, I suspect that Win10 will restore this update soon, so a solution to that issue would be extremely helpful.

by ZoneX at 17-19-03 15:20
For people who have problem with KB4013429

(SE with MPC-HC only) Go to MPC-HC options -] External Filters -] Add Filter -] Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder.
Click on "block" radio button and then "OK"

by at 17-21-03 11:52
The problem with (SE and video) Windows Update KB4013429 should be solved via Windows Update KB4015438 :)

by TomTheRipper at 17-25-03 12:22
Thank you for making a great subtitle editing prog with OCR support, the only way to even think of properly ripping dvbsubs from old DVB-C recorder .ts files.

Unfortunately using this last SubTitle Edit update for one video file subs I realised that the OCR rip process may throw some random words around the whole length of the sub in all random positions. The word that SubTitle Edit OCR chooses to throw around also changes between rip attempts and the locations they end up seem also random - though the latter is not entirely confirmed, could some same locations too.

Anyway, thanks for the program, if I can help in tracing down this bug let me know. The particular problem dvbsubs are in finnish though, so you may have difficulties interpreting them, the spoken language is in english nevertheless.

I wouldn't pay so much attention to this particular movie and its subs, but it's rather rare movie and I'd like keep it with finnish subs as there hasn't been a finnish DVD around, ever I guess.

by mtarini at 17-28-03 06:51
10000 KUDOS to you for this little gem of a program. It is so useful and well done and polished...

A simple feature request: an option (under settings=]video player, I guess) to disable auto-loading of the movie when you load a subtitle file (when the filenames match). It is annoying for me that this cannot be prevented, because I sometimes load subtitles only to clean them from Hearing-Impaired or similar things and I don't want to wait the movie loader to fire up (for various reasons).

by at 17-28-03 13:00
@mtarini: OK, I've tried to add that to latest beta.

by TomTheWatcher at 17-28-03 22:12
How to make OCR to recognize some individual characters which it recognizes them wrong every time but haven't offered to manually add? For me in Finnish YLE DVB subtitles italic low-case ö and italic low-case j end up always being low-case i, I can't find them even in the database. Also l aka low-case L, is always capital i (I) in the middle of sentence and I haven't figured out how to correct that automatically. Practically I've been able to teach all other letters to OCR in binary image compare mode, which seems to work best for me in general.

by at 17-29-03 08:22
@Tom: If you double-click on a line in the list view, you can "Add better match". Could you send me an image with the "ö" wrongly detected?

by TomTheWatcher at 17-31-03 09:49, two small binary image samples sent, check your mail/spam folder, if you haven't already.

Which particular list view do you refer to? I tried to 2-click "unknown words" list in OCR but it didn't bring anything up and I couldn't think of any other list views to click. I know my way around the personally essential features of SubTitle Edit but lack more refined expertise.

I've added manually some corrected pairs to OCR from unknown words lists, just that there are very many words containing italic j and ö, so they will probably come up as "i" for quite a many times before all possible words are included in the database.

One improvement would be ability for binary compare to learn two ways from replacements, so if user detects and corrects a word, OCR would pick the corrected letter and use it in similar cases from there o,k rather than learning word by word, as it's very inefficient way of working on multiple subs.

Oh, and last issue in OCR detections of YLE dvbsubs I detected is, seems that all question marks "?" get detected as exclamation "!" marks, a major problem if one likes correct punctuation. If there was a full table of used characters and some way to fix false detections, it would be so great.

I'll probably use XMedia Recode to convert my older .ts library of hundreds of videos with dvbsubs to keep the original dvbsub streams for the future but will now backup the subs just in case despite the mentioned flaws in OCR detections, better to have some subtitles, than nothing at all - so many different languages spoken in tv.

And sorry for the wall of text, have a need to be precise.. :)

by TomTheRipper at 17-01-04 12:27
Wow, by accident I found the list to double click and how to add a better match for miss OCR'd character! Maybe add a help bubble to that field at least?

Must say that for a less than an expert user of Subtitle Edit the OCR character "add better match" replacement feature is not very well implemented. works fine but is difficult to find.

Why not add the "add better match" feature more obviously, like to the unknown words list in the OCR window? Double click an unknown word that has a bad match there and add a better matching character? Sounds more logical to me than clicking full lines in the text field that doesn't indicate itself in anyways that the lines are clickable.

OCR window, the main subtitles list, "all fixes" and used guesses could have it's own "find" feature too, where one could back check if there were some words that needed further inspection or were falsely corrected earlier.

Anyway, happy to have this tool for use despite the OCR user interface difficulty flaw mentioned. Now reseted the OCR match word list from the .xml file and starting again with better luck. Only 260 subtitles to go, but the falsely recognized characters will be corrected the right way this time. :)

by Chris at 17-01-04 19:45
Hi Nikolaj,
is it possible to add an "ignore spaces" option in the cps (reading speed) function?

Thank you in advance,

by admas at 17-03-04 11:25
Update Polish language (3.5.1 build 150)

by at 17-03-04 18:31
@admas: thx :)

by Irvj at 17-04-04 20:57
I used to be able to align subtitles Top/Center. This function is no longer working. I select that option but there is no change being made to the selected subtitles. I've installed the latest version of the software but still experiencing the same behavior. Any fixes for this or can we align subtitles under another menu maybe.

by william at 17-06-04 12:07

I Hope this finds you well.
I am writing to you to express your admiration for your program ( subtitle edit )
We are using this program and it is really efficient.
Can you please add actor column in the list view to be used with ssa files ?

by techguru at 17-08-04 05:28
hey nikse how about adding a font collector like aegisub has?

by moob at 17-16-04 08:09

update pt-PT language until lastest git-b99484b


by moob at 17-16-04 22:38

It is necessary to add this to be translated

"Size all columns to fit" --] Language.cs

"Netflix quality check" --] Main.Designer.cs in line 753 and 1850

"Netflix quality found " --] Main.cs

"Netflix quality control is happy :)" --] Main.cs

"Open file location" --] NetflixQCResult.Designer.cs

"Netflix quality check" --] NetflixQCResult.Designer.cs

For the SE does not get bilingual and the translation makes sense.


by moob at 17-19-04 23:00

update pt-PT language until lastest git-9c8ea02


by admas at 17-20-04 09:42
Update Polish language (3.5.2 build 185)

by at 17-20-04 19:27
@moob/admas: thx for the updates :)

by moob at 17-23-04 00:16

it is possible enable full frame image option to export for vobsub idx/sub

and all shadows options for vobsub idx/sub

by Alex at 17-28-04 13:17
Hey und many thanks for this nice prog.
At first, sorry for my English.

And hier is my question:
After the newst update (3.5.2) if I go to the next line video doesn't play. If I use the function "Go to previus line" video plays. Is there a way, to enable this option for "Go to next line" too?

Thank you for you work!

by GeorgeM at 17-28-04 19:46
When I test a subtitle, to see if it is synced throughout, I click along the timeline at various points. If I happen to click at a point where there is no spoken dialog for a long period of time how can I jump to the next subtitle line after the current point? If I click the NEXT button it will jump to the next subtitle line after the last subtitle line. I want the next subtitle line after my current position in the video.

by pson at 17-28-04 21:53
A tiny error in 'Remove text for hearing impaired'.
I have 'Uh' added to my list of interjections but when a line looks for example like this
"Hey! Uh..."
it is corrected to
without removing the last punctuation marks and the same thing if it's in the beginning of a line.
"Uh... whatever."
is corrected to
"... whatever."
without removing the leading punctuation marks and making the first letter uppercase.

Is it possible to fix?

by Miguel Hernandez at 17-29-04 23:47
There is a bug in version 3.5.2 when editing files with extension .vtt, time is saved incorrectly, deletes the first pair of zeros on the left side in line time, example:
00:00:57.976 --] 00:00:59.405
Keep it as
00:57.976 --] 00:59.405
00:01:16.728 --] 00:01:18.536
Keep it as
01:16.728 --] 01:18.536
It does not matter that you do not save it with the format "WebVTT (.vtt)" or "WebVTT File with # (.vtt)".
The video player does not display subtitles due to the time format.

by Miguel Hernandez at 17-29-04 23:58
and when it's more than an hour, erases the first zero to the left
01:04:30.881 --] 01:04:32.684
Keep it as
1:04:30.881 --] 1:04:32.684
If I export it to srt file, the times are correct.

by techguru at 17-30-04 11:10
it seems a lot of businesses use subtitle edit
im curious if you thought about charging business a fee to be allowed to use the software

by Chris4877 at 17-30-04 13:02
In the "Settings" dialog box, near the bottom of the right-hand column of checkboxes, there are two settings:
1. "Auto-backup," (Options, "None," "Every [xx] minute),
2. "Delete after," (Options: 1, 3 or 6 months).

Two questions:
1. Delete what?
2. Could you please add "Never" to the "Delete after" options?

by at 17-01-05 20:53
@GeorgeM: Is "current point" current video position or start (or center) of waveform?

@Miguel Hernandez: That's how the format is... your video player has a bug ;)

@techguru: Yes, it's nice to see businesses use SE :)
I've no plans to charge for SE for businesses, but I guess I should put the donate button back soon.

1) "Delete backup after"
2) Do you really think that's necessary?

by Alex at 17-01-05 22:31


Do you have an answer for my "problem" too?

"by Alex at 17-28-04 1:17 PM

After the newst update (3.5.2), if I go to the next line, video doesn't play. If I use the function "Go to previus line" video plays. Is there a way, to enable this option for "Go to next line" too?"


by at 17-02-05 16:47
@Alex: What exactly do you do? Are you in "translate mode"? How do you "Go to next line"?

by Alex at 17-02-05 19:14

Yes. In "translate mode" I use shortcut to go to next line.
Options - Settings - General - Go to next line.

And if i do it in older version of your prog, video and wav jump to the current line, video plays and stops after this line.

Now in the newst version video and wav don't jump to the next line and video doesn't play.

If I use shortcut to go to te previus line "Go to previus line", it works like in the older version.

by at 17-03-05 08:21
@Alex: Is latest beta any better?

by Waqas at 17-03-05 12:14
In the Synchronization --] Adjust All Times, I'd love to see another button below Show Earlier and Show Later and that button would set the time to whatever is video paused at. Now I have to calculate and do adding or subtraction to input the time to get to whatever I want. If that button is introduced, that'd be so much easy. (I hate math).
Thank you.

by vmb at 17-03-05 13:23
@Waqas Try "Set start and off-set the rest" button in "Adjust" tab of "Controls".

by Alex at 17-03-05 17:46
Yes, in latest beta it works perfect!

by at 17-03-05 18:23
@Alex: thx for verifying :)

by pson at 17-04-05 00:18
I have another thing, in addition to the ones posted above, that I hope you can fix but this one's regarding then 'Fix common errors' function.
I have 'Fix short display times' checked, and it does fix short display times, but not if the display time is negative.

by at 17-04-05 21:04
@pson: I cannot re-create this... could you post an example?

by moob at 17-05-05 00:03

update pt-PT language until lastest git-0a6aebb


by pson at 17-05-05 02:57
00:00:01,000 --] 00:00:06,000
Could you post an example?

00:00:06,024 --] 00:00:05,324
Could you post an example?

00:00:05,348 --] 00:00:05,708
Could you post an example?

And how about the things in the first post? No worries?

by at 17-05-05 16:01
@pson: That's not really auto-fixable... I'm working on your first issue.

by pson at 17-06-05 23:16
Kind of knew that it wouldn't be auto-fixable but was hoping for a way for them to at least be noticed in the list so you could fix them yourself.

by admas at 17-07-05 20:32
Update Polish language (3.5.2 build 252)

by at 17-09-05 21:58
@pson: I've tried to fix the "Remove text for HI" issue in latest beta. About the overlapping time codes you can check the "Fix common errors log" or check the syntax coloring - there's a shortcut for go to next error in list view.

@admas: thx :) Updated.

by Bjarne at 17-09-05 23:30
After new Windows update, the ocr only leave blank lines. Bjarne DK

by moob at 17-10-05 03:35

update pt-PT language until lastest git-5a31b5f


by at 17-10-05 16:00
@moob: thx - and nice catch with the renamed fields :)
Updated here.

by Peter at 17-11-05 22:56
urgent help needed.
I have created an .scc file and sent to my client. My client said that it is Cea-608 and they would like a Cea - 708 file. Question: how do I convert the existing .scc to make it a Cea-708?
how to make cea-708 as default for new .scc files? do I just select a different format or what?
This cea-608 and cea-708 is all new to me.
quick help would be appreciated.
thank you.

by at 17-12-05 07:08
@Peter: Sorry, SE cannot do this.

by Peter at 17-12-05 07:56
Thanks for the response.
Is there any plan on adding Cea-708 SCC feature in future versions?

by at 17-12-05 08:20
@Peter: I don't know the spec and I do not have sample files, so I'm afraid no.

by at 17-12-05 11:48
@N/A: thx for info - spell check "Edit whole text" issues should be fixed in SE 3.5.3.

by Miguel Hernandez at 17-16-05 06:57 thanks, you're right, regarding the format "WebVTT (.vtt)" that's how the format is, but says it's optional.
I tried with other players and they work well, the problem is with VLC player, try to report the problem but to do it I have to register in the VLC bug tracker, but apparently there is a problem in the registry system and I can not report the problem.
Could you add the option to leave the zeros to the left ?, since it is identical to how it does when saved in srt format.

by alex at 17-29-09 10:29

Thanks a lot for your work!

Is it possible to add as an alternative for Auto-translate?

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