Subtitle Edit 3.5

Subtitle Edit version 3.5 is now available :)

This release contains:

  • "Multiple replace" is now organized in groups
  • Can now generate scene changes (via FFmpeg) + other scene changes improvements
  • Many new subtitle formats
  • Many new shortcuts
  • Many fixes, e.g. in "spell check, "auto-translate", and "compare"
Download and full change log

Video player and wave-form are now default visible - you can toggle show/hide in the toolbar.

Generating scene changes requires FFmpeg and you must point to the FFmpeg.exe in Options -> Settings -> Waveform - Path to FFmpeg.

In "Multiple replace" you can import rules by right-clicking in the rules list view and choose "Import...".


by Gsly at 16-30-10 18:15
Windows Defender detects a virus in the 3.5 download.

by Christoph at 16-30-10 18:17
Same here, windows defender deletes this because it is a virus.

by at 16-30-10 19:14
Windows Defender is not angry here... try updating your definitions.

You can also virus-test online with

New versions of SE always gets detected as a virus the first days after release in one anti-virus program or another. Please do submit files to your anti-virus provider, so they can analyze alerts - and wait for updated anti-virus definitions.

by Laksa at 16-31-10 00:09
Importing sub in m4v movie from itunes result in incorrect timing


00:00:29,417 --] 00:00:36,375

00:00:36,417 --] 00:00:39,208
Relax. Hang on. It'll only take
a minute

Number 2 text should be using no 1 timing and the timing the rest of the sub are also off.
the embedded subtitle do have the correct timing so it's import problem

by Daniel at 16-31-10 17:11
Thank you very much!
The software is great!
May I offer a feature? I think it would be great if it would be possible to drag out the video box\spectogram? I think it will be great for guys with two monitors so the video\spectogram can be on one screen and the other things on the second.
Thanks ones again

by Leemet at 16-03-11 21:35
When trying to generate scene changes, the process starts fine, but ends up in an error message: Non-UI thread exception. Then the program terminates and nothing is generated. What might be the problem?

by Zungao at 16-04-11 02:44
Please add a way to specify the location of Media Player Classic in the Settings -] Video Player. Currently one either has to place a copy of MPC in a folder inside the Sedit folder or use a Symlink to MPC.

by Roberto at 16-04-11 12:47

somethings changed with keyboard shortcuts in this new version?
When I go shift + enter (return) for next line, it simply assumes that it will be two lines subtitle and throws me in second line (after [br /]) so, each time I have to remember to type backspace first to enter first line.
Is it just me and my keyboard or someone else noticed this too?
I went thru settings but can't find any option to change this, any help? Thanks.

by Siamak at 16-06-11 08:36
Thanks for grate software.
Could you please tell me how can I generate scene changes?
i.e where can i find command/menu?
Thank you very much

by at 16-06-11 10:52
@Laksa: Sorry, I don't know enough about the mp4 format... any help would be appreciated!

@Daniel: You can un-dock the video control via the video menu.

@Leemet: you can try latest beta? (portable version)

@Zungao: How/where do you normally install MPC? mpv is also a nice player...

@Roberto: ?

@Siamak: After setting up FFmpeg in options -> settings -> video player, go to the Video menu and choose "Import scene changes...".

by Mia at 16-06-11 12:07

Thank you for the new version, we have already tried it. We like the new feature "Go to next line and set video position". This is amazing for the lecturing process.
Shall I recommend a new feature? "Go to previous line and set video position". When a lector steps forward during the correction, and hits the button too many times, a back-step option would be cool. Just setting a shortcut and using two buttons you could manage it in both ways. :)

Anyway, thanks again for this nice software. :)

by Trottel at 16-06-11 18:04
When I use "Get scene changes with FFmpeg" I get "Non-UI Thread Exception" and SE crasches.

by at 16-06-11 18:28
@Trottel: Could you test latest beta (portable version)?

by perelli at 16-07-11 10:38


It would be a great feature. :)

by Rod at 16-07-11 11:58
Hi, thanks for the software. Is there an android version, too?

by sudnih at 16-07-11 12:43 scene changes (get scene changes from ffmpeg) are working in beta version, in regular 3.5 it crashes

by techguru at 16-07-11 18:56
@rod7...why the HELL would you be doing subtitling on a phone..or tablet...

by Louis at 16-09-11 12:52
I use VirtualDub to 64 bits.
you can have the subtitler filter to 64bit.
The filter that I downloaded for 32-bit does not work.
Thank you very much

by Manne at 16-11-11 11:21
Hi Nikse,

the "bottom Removed empty lines/unused line breaks" isn't working anymore

00:07:31,120 --] 00:07:34,999


00:07:40,160 --] 00:07:40,470
Falls kommt,

kann ich.

by Mikko at 16-13-11 00:21
Thanks for the Finnish version, much appreciated! Any chances of adding batch convert via OCR? It would be very nice too, since there isn't a program for that purpose yet. Thank you for what you've done about the OCR conversion so far, anyway.

by Mikko at 16-13-11 21:38
And I mean batch convert SUP directly from video files with sync to video length, to be precise. SUP extraction with Project X causes original sync to video length lost meaning manual adjusting at some point. Converting from video via OCR with Subtitle edit keeps the sync, so ability to convert sup to other formats directly from video would be a much convenient. And once more, thank you for a great program.

by Trottel at 16-16-11 10:43
@nikse: Latest beta version works fine. Thanks.

by Louis at 16-16-11 13:25
El programa controla los caracteres por segundo. -] OK !!
Por favor,¿me puedes hacer un plugin que me controle también las palabras por segundo?
Te lo agradeceria mucho y me harias un gran favor para mi trabajo.
Muchas gracias

by Louis at 16-20-11 12:49
Please, can you make me a plugin that also controls the words per second?
I would thank you very much and you would do me a great favor for my work.
Thank you very much

by Tronar at 16-21-11 00:49
Hey, great release. Really like the V3.5

There is just one issue (might probably have been an issue in a earlier versions as well) though, that is a bit problematic.

When you use the function "Fix common errors", sometimes the boxes are executed even if you explicitly untick them.

It is a problem of the "Fix common ORC errors (using OCR replace list)" subset. I unticked all boxed where this auto-correct would remove a space between a chain of numbers. Despite my unticking after clicking "Apply selected fixes" they were performed nonetheless and did not appear as unticked boxes in the next screen. After clicking "OK" the changes were also visible in the file itself.

I can provide you the respective sub file, but I guess it might be enough to take any .srt file and add some lines containing the following information:

00:00:00,999 --] 00:00:02,999
rsrsrf sdfsfd

00:00:03,000 --] 00:00:05,000
752 598 H is M key O?

00:00:05,999 --] 00:00:07,999
Test text

00:00:08,010 --] 00:00:10,010
"752 598 H is M key O".

00:00:10,020 --] 00:00:12,020
Test text

Then click on "Fix common errors", click "next", uncheck the boxes for the lines "2" and "4", click apply and see for yourself.

by at 16-21-11 20:34
@Tronar: thx for the info :)
Could you test latest beta?

by Nick at 16-21-11 20:56
This is a great program but I noticed a big problem with one of the features. I see that there is an "Export" feature and I clicked on the "VobSub" option since I am editing subtitles for a DVD. However, I noticed that none of the options have any effect after I export. So for example, no matter what number I put on the Line Height, it never changes after I test it. It always just appears on the bottom.

There also doesn't seem to be any other options for supporting SSA subs since that is what I am working with. So for example, in my subtitle file I have edited subs in SSA that have different subtitle lines appearing at different times in the same screen in different areas of the screen (e.g. one subtitle line appears then a second or two a separate subtitle line appears above it, translation of text appearing near the text being translated rather than the bottom, etc..). However, after I export them, all of the subtitles, regardless of where I programmed the subs to appear in SSA and when they should appear, they still appear one by one at the bottom of the screen.

Please fix this because if this program can take care of this aspect then it will help skip using other programs much more complicated just to do this.


by djc at 16-22-11 14:56
Oddly, in OCRing vob/sub subtitles from Latin-based languages, SE sometimes uses #x201A rather than plain old comma (,). Seems to me it should never do this when I specify a Latin-based source language for OCR. Peculiar. This odd behavior has been around for many versions.

by Michael at 16-22-11 22:10
- MPC-HC check box is grayed and a browse for file (like for VLC) should do the trick
- mpv seem to fail as downloader and the manual dll copy is not working on XPsp3(the exe player work fine)
- in the replace windows, the options Match Case and Whole Word will be very useful if added

by techguru at 16-24-11 04:07
if you are doing advanced ssa/ass subtitles..use aegisub to edit them first...then import the subs after you are done into SE...
SE isn't the best for the advanced features of SSA/ASS subs

by techguru at 16-24-11 04:08
@Michael ..why would you still be using winows xp...if your computer is that old that you have to use such an old OS..then its time for an upgrade..even a small one would let you update to like windows 7

by Nick at 16-24-11 16:07
@techguru What is aegisub going to do that is going to solve the problem that exists with "VobSub" in the "Export" feature? This isn't an issue about doing more complicated work with subs than Subtitle Edit can handle. This is about the Export feature needing to be fixed because it does not acknowledge the edits one does and converts them properly.

In fact, just to add to what I wrote before, in VobSub in the Export feature, it seems to be base it's line height totally on the font that one chooses and that's it. It ignores whatever settings one chooses in the Margins menu over at the Styles Settings menu and also ignores it even if you try to change it in the VobSub menu. This really needs to be fixed.

I haven't used the other options in the Export menu but I'd imagine that they would need to be fixed too (look the option to export them for Blu-Ray use) because this might've been a completely overlooked feature of Subtitle Edit that has yet to be taken care of.

by Nick at 16-24-11 19:23
*Edit on the last comment: (like the option to export them for Blu-Ray use)

by Michael at 16-25-11 14:52
My problems are NOT xp related
I have an AMD Phenom II BE quad core. XP is my choice.
But MAYBE you can help me with SE? Instead of OS criticism?

by Tim Franco at 16-30-11 02:24

I'd just like to say that Subtitle Edit Rocks! Great software! And the number of file formats is brilliant. I work for several different portuguese subtitling companies and this does the job perfectly.

For me, it just misses one feature: I would love to be able to put a ghost box on certain subtitles, i.e. when the subtitle has to appear over some text in the program.

But, either than that, it is awesome! Thanks very much!

by techguru at 16-04-12 05:07
@tim franco
use aegisub to do that with the effects

by koliniol at 16-06-12 17:46
hi. Thanks again for the best subtitle editor out there.
After updating to the latest version I have a minor issue.
I mainly use SE for synchronizing and then exporting into SUP files.
Until the previous version when I opened the export to sup page , it used the latest values used from the last time.
Version 3.5 does NOT remember color settings.
I checked that when I close SE it successfully updates the Settings.xml file but somehow it does not load the color value correctly (element ).
I'm using Win XP x64 in case it matters.
Thank you

by Chloros at 16-07-12 19:48
Hello there,
Thank you again for this very good subtitling software. I'm experiencing a curious issue at the moment: whenever I open a SRT file for translation, Subtile Edit changes the timecodes by a few dozen ms without any reason. Is there some way to make sure S.E. doesn't touch the timecodes at all?

by at 16-07-12 20:30
@Tim Franco: SE can do basic "Advanced Sub Station Alpha" styles - just right-click in the list view, and choose "Advanced Sub Station Alpha styles...".

@koliniol: thx :)
Will be fixed in 3.5.1 which should be out soon.

@Chloros: Sounds interesting - how can I replicate that? SE should surely not touch time codes of a srt file at all!

by Nick at 16-09-12 01:14 Can you please respond to the message I left you back at the 21st of Nov?

by perelli at 16-09-12 15:02
@nikse and can you respond to @Mia's message too? :)

by Michael at 16-09-12 17:28
MPC-HC check box is grayed and a browse for file (like for VLC) should do the trick
- mpv seem to fail as downloader and the manual dll copy is not working on XPsp3(the exe player work fine)
- in the replace windows, the options Match Case and Whole Word will be very useful if added


by Louis at 16-09-12 19:27
Please, can you make me a plug that subtitle control the words per second?
This is possible?
Thank you very much

by koliniol at 16-09-12 19:44
thank you Nikse for the quick reply

by techguru at 16-13-12 05:18
@micheal..its time to get off xp...its not a supported OS anymore..and you can't expect him to support a dead os

by at 16-13-12 07:40
@Michael: I try to keep SE alive on WinXP but I cannot test it anymore. You might be able to get an older version of the mpv dll working - mpv is in my opinion the best choice atm as it has precise seeking and good performance. For "Whole word" in search you can use a regular expression (with "\b" on each side of the word). For replace to check Edit -> Multiple replace...

@Nick: The export was not built for this scenario with multiple simultaneous subtitles, sorry.

@Mia/perelli: "Go to previous line and set video position" is a good idea.

by Chloros at 16-14-12 10:21
Seems like my answer was too long.
I had to copy-paste it here:
Sorry again for the trouble, Nikse.

by Nick at 16-14-12 23:35 Okay, if the export wasn't built for multiple simultaneous subtitles that's fine but can you at least improve it? The current version has a useless feature about line height and such that doesn't do anything. It's always positioned in the same place regardless.

by Teko at 16-15-12 04:46
Hello Nikse,
Thanks for the incomparable work of yours, it's really helpful.
I'd like to suggest adding two features (If Possible) to SE for the image-based subtitles:
1- SE supports the importing of time codes. Is it possible to add "exporting time codes" feature?
2- In the dialogue lines of a "text-based sub" , some media players have the feature of "Center-align to the left" if the line starts with a "-" ... My question is: while converting from a Text-based to an Image-based subtitle, is it possible to add align options for the dialogue lines as:
* Center-align to the left" , if STARTS with a "-" (LTR Lang)
* Center-align to the right" , if ENDS with a "-" (RTL Lang)
I hope you get the picture,
Best Regards :)

by Louis at 16-15-12 09:46
Hello Nicson
Excuse that i insist on this request: Can you add to your word the programme of "control words per second"?
You should add it to the control that exists actuatually in the "character to the second."
For my work you had asked long ago ,I need you to know that it is hard and difficult to do.
Or, is there someone who can do?
Thank you so much

by Michael at 16-16-12 18:59
Thank you again. I see you CAN'T UNDERSTAND. My problem IS NOT WINDOWS XP related.
Please don't make more OS advices. I am not interested.

I asked how to make mpc-hc or mpv to work (where to put the exe/dll to be recognised or what path to put in settings xml)

I am sure the answer is not OS dependent

And for testing, it is always the XP mode or VM or an under 50$ old PC
I have the latest mpv.exe for XP working. The correspondent debug dll ISN'T working

NOT pushing .NET demands over 4.0 should keep XP alive.
I know you made SE for fun and for us as your friends.
One of your friends ask for help.
Please don't throw it to garbage

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