Subtitle Edit 3.4.13

Subtitle Edit 3.4.13 is out now :)

This time we have the usual fixes/improvements and a new Breton translation, "Video offset", new subtitle formats - read more in the change log.

by Sami at 16-13-06 04:55
When removing hearing impaired subs, you now have to use Apply then OK. Is this intentional? Just clicking OK shows the same info about removed HI subs in the status bar but they are not removed from the subtitle.

by at 16-13-06 18:39
@Sami: thx, amazing how much trouble a small button can give... I'll upload a new beta soon.

by at 16-13-06 19:59
@Sami: Can you test this portable version?

by vmb at 16-13-06 20:07
@nikse The link redirects to this page.

by at 16-13-06 20:12
thx vmb, link fixed :)

by Sami at 16-14-06 16:49
The beta works fine, thanks.

by at 16-14-06 18:57
@Sami: thx for testing :)

by Andrew at 16-15-06 01:46
With Lib mpv (With Show Video open) It remains blocked subtitle, for Modified with programs as Aegisub. Or try to rename manually. This does not happen with DirecShow or MPC-HC.
I tried it with both versions 3.14.12 and 3.14.13, with installer and portable.
Thanks, Great Program.

by at 16-15-06 07:22
@Andrew: "mpv" does not lock subtitles for me.
Perhaps you can try to re-download mpv via Options -> Settings -> Video player... ?

by innu at 16-16-06 12:47
Strange problem after update. Can't drag and drop subtitle file. Normal Open (Menu, icon and ctrl+o) works fine. Win 7 x64.

by at 16-17-06 07:09
@innu: Where do you drop the subtitle file - in the list view?

by innu at 16-18-06 20:27
Yes, in list view. Drag and drop on exe works fine too.

by PeterM at 16-19-06 17:20
I think it was slower correction of errors (Fix Common OCR(Using Replace List) of the version 3.4.12 to 3.4.13.
Time Seg 5 seg To 9 Seg.

by Henry at 16-22-06 14:37
Hi, thanks for the new version, great work as usual. Just a small "pet-peeve" (not a bug per se):

When spell checking, selecting a word from the suggestion list with an apostrophe will result in one where the apostrophe is slightly angled to the right. No big deal, looks fine....

But, when subsequently performing a "fix common errors" operation, that apostrophied (apostrophised?) word will ALWAYS come up as a "fix common OCR errors" error on the list, where it will be fixed by simply straightening the apostrophe from slightly angled right to being vertical.

It's not a big deal, it just makes me wonder why a fix made in one part of the program isn't consistent with a fix in another.

by at 16-24-06 15:36
@innu: Drag'n'drop to the list view works fine for me.

@PeterM: I cannot see any difference even on a large subtitle.

by John Navas at 16-24-06 21:21
BUG in SSA style with SE 3.4.13 (Windows 8.1 x64)

When SRT subtitles are changed to SSA format,
Default style will have Bold value set to -1,
which is interpreted as True. It should be 0 (False).

Work-around is to toggle Bold On and then Off,
which correctly results in a value of 0.

Changing Default style in Settings does not fix the problem.

by at 16-25-06 11:32
@John Navas: thx for the info :) Could you test this beta version ?

by John Navas at 16-25-06 16:15
Thank you for the fast response (and for Subtitle Edit)!

That almost fixes the problem. The remaining issue is that if I convert format of SRT to SSA, and then change Default style to Bold, it sets a value of -1 instead of 1. That may work in other programs, but I think 1 is preferred.

by John Navas at 16-25-06 17:03
An additional issue I just noticed. If I load an SSA file, change the Default style by turning Bold on, and then exit the program, I'm not prompted to save the changed SSA file -- the program immediately exits discarding the change.

by at 16-26-06 01:12
@John Navas: It looks like the specs + other programs uses "-1" for true regarding bold/italic/underline...

by fox at 16-26-06 16:38
I cannot not find my previous message about slow file saving.
It is still ugly slow.
The problem is the StreamWriter. Debugger reported over 6100 ms to save ~100 kB file.
Compare to File.WriteAllTextI, which was used in earlier versions. It takes 11 ms for the same task.

by John Navas at 16-26-06 16:56
You are correct: True is -1
I was misinformed. Apology.
Thank you.

by John Navas at 16-26-06 17:17
I'm not seeing slow file saving here (Windows 8.1 x64).
When I click save, it completes immediately.
Which version of SE are you using? Which OS?

by EdwardNask at 16-26-06 22:30
Great program.
One suggestion is that "Multiple Replace" may also be editable text lines (search results), as is "Fix Errors Commons".
Thank you

by moob at 16-27-06 23:13

update pt-PT language until lastest git-4c2f95c


by at 16-28-06 00:12
@fox: sorry, lost some of the comments. When SE saves, it now tries to write through the cache, so an unexpected power loss should be less likely to loose your subtitle... but I'm not completely sure what the best thing to do. Are you saving on an usb drive or what?

@moob: updated, thx :)

by admas at 16-29-06 11:11
update Polish language

by at 16-01-07 09:20
@admas: thx for the update :)

by Louis at 16-01-07 11:44
How can I do to advance the sound wave when I click the button will bring "Next]" subtitle and see slides at the same time the sound wave with the subtitle corrispodente?
This helps me to quickly check the text and the time of subtitles.
Thank you very much.

by fox at 16-01-07 22:48
Nikse, thanks for the answer, now I know the reason for the changes.
Chances to get power outage during prolonged direct to disk writes should be no less than with ordinary cached write/flush/close file. Besides, nobody can be sure about drive's internal cache.
UPS should be considered as the real protection in case of important data.

I did small testing with SE 3.4.13 and three drives: rather old 250 GB, newer 1.5 TB and 128 GB SSD.
All three needed several seconds to save the same 105 KB .srt file. Of course, SSD was faster, but still - seconds, not milliseconds. This is just ridiculous with my CPU and RAM.
Oldest drive emitted a lot of noise from head movement, so I assume that OS tries it's best to write every bit of data directly to disk - very inefficiently.
Personally, I would prefer to be able to save quickly intermediate changes from time to time and continue editing instead of waiting several seconds each time.

by at 16-02-07 20:16
@fox: strange, it is very fast to save here... but anyway I've enabled the cache again in this test version - is this better for you?

by fox at 16-03-07 13:32
Yes, this build is reasonably fast.
Interestingly, when I build your 3.4.13 and start it under debugger, time is about 200 ms in the worst case.
(VS2015 update 3, previously it was update 2)
That is still much slower than WriteAllText, though the difference is hardly noticeable to a user.
But when I launch that same my executable and then attach debugger, SE needs 5-6 seconds to save.

by techguru at 16-08-07 21:16
if I sent you a sub file you think you could get SE to maybe be able to better able to OCR it and with proper formating?

by techguru at 16-08-07 21:18

by techguru at 16-08-07 21:19
it might be impossible tho since its non standard formatting for vobsub

by RCR at 16-09-07 15:44
In earlier versions there was a "multiple replace" screen where you could import a file with the "template" extension. In the latest versions there is a new screen, and has no possibility to import a file with the "template" extension. Is the a possibility to import these file?

by moob at 16-10-07 08:08

update pt-PT language until lastest git-75586ae


by at 16-10-07 13:01
@RCR: You can right-click in the rules list view and choose "Import..."

@moob: thx :) Updated on github.

by TCR at 16-10-07 15:26
Thanks for your reaction. I've found the option, thanks for the tip!

by admas at 16-10-07 19:19
update Polish language

by at 16-10-07 22:22
@admas: thx :) Also updated on github.
(do modify the file from github - xylographe sometimes fixes unneeded spaces etc.)

by Tronar at 16-15-07 18:14
It seems like the "Change casing" function in the "Tools" menu is broken.

When I want to correct a subtitle file, where all the names are written in lower case and want to use this function to correct that, the weird thing is, that it displays correct lines like "I'd like to do that" as if they were wrong and then on top of that mixes the before and after column.

Maybe an example makes it clear:
The dialog says:
I'd like to do that.

Then Subtitle Edit lists this line in the "change casing" dialog as

i'd like to do that.

I'd like to do that.

And when you hit "ok" it ruins the correct line to the lowercase spelling.

Same with already written correct names.
Kendra turns to kendra.

by at 16-15-07 20:09
@Tronar: Are you selecting the second radio button called "Fix only names casing" ?

by Harry Fougiaxis at 16-18-07 10:04
I'm using the latest release 3.4.13 and I'd like a clarification. I extracted from a PAL DVD the sub/idx files with VSRip. If I Import/OCR VobSub (sub/idx) subtitle in SE and I have in Options | Settings the default frame rate as 23,976, the timecodes that I get after the OCR are 25fps or 23,976fps?

by Harry Fougiaxis at 16-18-07 20:48
There was no need to ask: of course the timecodes are 25fps (as in the original PAL DVD).

by at 16-20-07 10:57
@Harry: Yes, it's probably alright for PAL DVDs... I've only tested it with PAL DVDs, so I don't know how it works for NTSC or special cases.

by techguru at 16-25-07 02:33
did you see that sub file?
is it improveable?

by moob at 16-25-07 05:01

update pt-PT language until lastest git-a8dc852


by admas at 16-27-07 21:49
update Polish language

by TCR at 16-31-07 10:18
I've just downloaded the latest version, but it says it has build 194. The original build 194 is from last friday, this build is from today.

by at 16-31-07 11:24
@techguru: thx for the sub - incredibly difficult to OCR for sure. I mostly use "Binary image compare" and it works but it's a lot of work. The black text is probably the biggest issue. Do you often see black text?

@admas: thx, updated :)

@TCR: hm, yes - uploaded a beta this morning... will check it.

by at 16-31-07 16:03
@TCR: 194 was only from this Friday (2 days ago). Also new beta is up (at least build 200)

by TCR at 16-31-07 19:38
Build 200 is working good and is stable. Good works, thanks!

by Marco at 16-01-08 18:24
When I load a video using the program on a 4k monitor the video isn't visualized properly. If I use 1920p resolution on the monitor it works. PLEASE FIX

by at 16-03-08 09:26
@Marco: Sorry, I cannot test this myself :(
Have you tried "mpv" and "vlc" media players?

by moob at 16-03-08 23:35

update pt-PT language until lastest git-72bcc93


by moob at 16-04-08 02:06

update again pt-PT language until lastest git-e3846d8


by Ron at 16-04-08 09:18
hi im having a trouble on hebrew exporting to final cut+image, some of the subs are of the center, any idea how can i fix it

Thanks Ron

by at 16-04-08 10:06
@moob: thx :)

@Ron: Don't know... could you send me the sub?

by Ron at 16-04-08 12:35
see the second line

by techguru at 16-04-08 22:24
@techguru: thx for the sub - incredibly difficult to OCR for sure. I mostly use "Binary image compare" and it works but it's a lot of work. The black text is probably the biggest issue. Do you often see black text?..yea unfortunately...probably one of the hardest to OCR...abby finereader can read it....but you can't really load a sub file into it...just wondering if there was anything we could do wouldn't be possible to add position data to the ocr'ed text automatically would it?

by moob at 16-09-08 03:03

update pt-PT language until lastest git-3d6be5c


by admas at 16-10-08 19:01
update Polish language

by admas at 16-18-08 12:46
It may be useful - PotPlayer commands

by suncek at 16-22-08 07:42
Hi, shortcut for these pls,
King Regards :D

by at 16-22-08 20:01
@suncek: only for when the "list view" is focused - or should the shortcut work everywhere?

by BoboYuk at 16-28-08 09:26
Is it possible add feature batch remove line based on text i input (like batch convert option) or maybe add remove line option in Multiple Replace option

i need this for removing subber credits which sometime are annoying since they sometime add it multiple time in single srt (i see someone add credit every 5 minutes in a single srt) not to mention if it's on multiple episode like in tv series and sometime they use big colored font which distract me when i watching the movie/tv show

or if above are not possible, then make the word are saved in find option when opening a new srt (right now it clear the word in find option when opening a new srt)

thanks and sorry for my bad english

by at 16-28-08 09:49
@BoboYuk: You can use a regular expression in "Multiple replace" via "Tools" - "Batch convert..."

by suncek at 16-28-08 16:03
@suncek: only for when the "list view" is focused - or should the shortcut work everywhere?

when the is line selected is just perfect

by atisoro at 16-30-08 14:49
Almost perfect!
The only thing that is missing is Download coresponding subtitle from OpenSubtitle using credentials from Upload to OpenSubtitle. ( Like Kodi former XBMC )
can you solve this?

by Dragoman at 16-31-08 04:19
I don't know if someone asked this before, but why can't I import FCP XML to FCP 7?

by moob at 16-01-09 01:20

update pt-PT language until lastest git-294b3f6


by TehBotol at 16-02-09 09:18

How come the spell check doesn't recognize word like this
Miss, 1am a Baptist Co11ege student
Where shou1d we pick up Ug1y?
it just skip them

the Fix common errors also skip them


by bumbeda26 at 16-08-09 01:03
can you please fixed the waveform, because when i open video file .mkv format it doesn't precision with the graphic voice, like between the voice and graphic not synchronize
thank you

by at 16-08-09 17:50
@bumbeda26: I've seen it happen a few times... does it only happen with one (or a few) video files or all video files? Does it also happen when you generate the waveforms with FFmpeg?
I would like to test the video file... could you email me a link or similar?

by dimas at 16-09-09 21:08
Dropping/dragging big sub file (170mb) doesn't work, always result "Not accepted - file is too large" but importing the sub file using import/OCR sub work fine

by SwK at 16-12-09 18:27
I have an issue with .dfxp subtitles.
They are converted fine, except for the raise informations.
It seems like the "rgions" are being ignorde while converting.

in dfxp:
region xml:id="region.after" tts:displayAlign="after" tts:origin="10% 10%" tts:extent="80% 80%"/>
region xml:id="region.before" tts:displayAlign="before" tts:origin="10% 17%" tts:extent="80% 73%"/>

Thanx for your work!!!

by fox at 16-13-09 16:23
The colour data in .sub files is neither read nor written.
The file was:
The line in question:
After loading Source view tab shows:
Even if that line was edited, still only zeros would be saved

Another question. Didi I miss an existing menu item to change that font colour using standard dialog?
If there is none, it might be added.

by at 16-13-09 17:04
@SwK: I think I need more info...

@fox: thx for the info - should be fixed in latest beta.

@dimas: could you also try the above beta?

by fox at 16-13-09 18:48
Thanks for the quick fix, nikse.

by dimas at 16-13-09 23:27
tried the beta, and dragging big sub file 140mb and above still doesn't work (file is too large error, win10x64,i7 3930k, 64gb) but below 140mb is working fine

by at 16-14-09 06:29
@dimas: What kind of sub file is it? VobSub, Sup or ?

by SwK at 16-14-09 16:07
In a dfxp subtitle, the positioning is done by "region" information.

style xml:id="" tts:fontFamily="Arial" tts:fontSize="100%" tts:fontStyle="normal" tts:fontWeight="normal" tts:backgroundColor="transparent" tts:color="white" tts:textAlign="center"/>
region xml:id="region.after" tts:displayAlign="after" tts:origin="10% 10%" tts:extent="80% 80%"/>
region xml:id="region.before" tts:displayAlign="before" tts:origin="10% 17%" tts:extent="80% 73%"/>
p style="" region="region.after" begin="00:06:50.760" end="00:06:54.200">peace, love.

p style="" region="region.before" begin="00:06:54.280" end="00:06:56.280">Love is all you need.

"brfore" here means, the subtitle should appear on top, insted of on bottom.
When I convert the subtitle with SE, this is what comes out:

Dialogue: 0,0:06:50.76,0:06:54.20,,,0,0,0,,peace, love.
Dialogue: 0,0:06:54.28,0:06:56.28,,,0,0,0,,Love is all you need.

So both line are at the bottom of the video...

Do you need sample files? I can provide them...

All the best!

by SwK at 16-21-09 20:10
cheers again!

Another question:
I can not figure out, how to export "bdn xml/png" subtitles via command line.
Is it possible at all?

All the best!

by dimas at 16-25-09 13:51
The file extension is sub and it's vobsub

also dragging m2ts file to subtitle edit (to rip the sub) resulting in error (HDMV PGS) the m2ts have 3 pgs sub inside the file but subtitle edit didn't ask which one to rip instead the status only said Parsing Transport Stream file. please wait
and after it reach 100% it show up an error

Windows Forms Thread Exception:
Error message :
Index was outside the bounds of the array.

by Dimas at 16-26-09 14:56
thanks for deleting the spam,

anyway strangely when i remux the m2ts to mkv using mkvtoolnix and drag the mkv to the subtitle editor it can rip the sub without issue. so seem only happen with m2ts file

by at 16-28-09 19:04
@SwK; yes, a complete file would make it much easier too look at :)

by SamourĂ¢le at 16-06-10 17:06
Thanks for your hard work! Your soft is really useful!

I was just wondering if you could make some small changes to your export tool.

The form allow the user to set the bottom magin to as much as 999 px, which is quite nice. I wonder why, though, we can't set the Left/right margin to more than 50 pixels? On 1080p files, 50 pixels is not enough at all.

Another change would be to make it so the form remember the margin setting, I think all but the margins settings are remembered, and it's incredibly annoying to set the margins for all your exports, especially when you need to export 50 or more projects quickly.

Anyway, thanks for reading me and keep up the awesome work!

by SwK at 16-07-10 16:57
@Nikse Should I send u a .dfxp file via email or just post it here?

Second topic: is it possible to export BD-subs (png+xml) via command line?

by moob at 16-19-10 01:59

update pt-PT language until lastest git-e27dfa9


by admas at 16-20-10 13:43
update Polish language

by at 16-20-10 18:50
@moob/admas: Updated, thx :)

by mokan at 16-27-10 14:49
Please fix this
Colors do not show Also yellow font color

by at 16-27-10 15:57
@mokan: Cannot see images....

by mokan at 16-27-10 21:09

by mokan at 16-27-10 23:16
How convert many from srt to sup one-click

by George at 16-28-10 16:35
Small issue, also on 3.5.0. Perhaps this is intended behaviour?

If I open a file, let's say with ANSI 1252 encoding, change the encoding to Unicode (UTF-8) and close SE, I am not warned/asked if I want to save the change. SE quits and file is not saved.

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