Subtitle Edit 3.4.12

Subtitle Edit is now available in version 3.4.12 :)

This release contains the usual minor fixes and improvements and well as Norwegian translation. It's no longer possible to use mplayer, but support for mpv has been added which works much better than mplayer in SE.

Download and full change log

by SwK at 16-30-05 21:31
I found strange behaviour in the new Version (I do not really know if it allready was in oder releases):

1. going from itt to ass:
My itt has 2 styles. Normal and italic. When I export to ass, the ass file only has one style: Default. Actually the styles appear in the header, but not in the actual lines. Funny enaugh, wehen I do it again without reloading or closing the gui, all styles are where tey belong.

2. how do I specify the framerate for creating itt via command line? /fps: and /targetfps: seems to do nothing...

Thanx for your support!


by at 16-31-05 22:30
@SwK: could you try latest beta ? Any improvements?

by SwK at 16-01-06 18:14
Yes, the styles-issue seems solved. Thanx for that!

Do you have any idea, what I can do about the FrameRate of the itt?

by at 16-01-06 18:50
@SwK: What did you expect and what happened?

by SwK at 16-01-06 20:05
I am trying to convert back from ass to itt.
My.ass has 24fps and I want to keep it that way.
So I did: SE /convert My.ass itunestimedtext /fps:24 /targetfps:24
But the itt says ttp:frameRate="24" ttp:frameRateMultiplier="999 1000" ttp:dropMode="nonDrop"

by at 16-01-06 20:45
@SwK: Is this any better? I presume that the "frameRateMultiplier" should have been "1 1" ?

by SwK at 16-01-06 21:36
Yes Sir, that is indeed better!
I tried /fps:24 /targetfps:24; /fps:25 /targetfps:25 and /fps:24 /targetfps:25 all seems to work fine.
BUT: I think, we lost the changes u made before again:-|
I have all styles "Default" again...

Again: Thanx for your help. I really appreciate it!

by at 16-02-06 19:07
@SwK: Could you try this? How exactly did you loose styles (converting from what to what via what)?

by SwK at 16-03-06 19:32
I said it before and I say it again:
You are my hero!

I did SE /convert /convert Sub.itt advancedsubstationalpha /fps:24 /targetfps:25
Styles are there, fps conversion is right.
SE /convert /convert Sub.ass itunestimedtext /fps:25 /targetfps:24
Styles are there fps conversion right, fps notation in itt correct.

Great! Thanx!!

by Bench at 16-08-06 02:36

I'm new to SE and just resynced a Sub with it.
But compared to VisualSubSync, the Cursor in the waveform runs not very smooth. Could you let it run smoother?

by at 16-08-06 04:30
@Bench: What video player do you use?

by Bench at 16-08-06 05:54
I used ffmpeg to extract the wave.
I use DirectShow as Video Engine and my System uses LAVfilter.

by Andrew at 16-10-06 18:43
""mpv" can be now used as video player", Great implementation.
But Lock Subtitles, and can not be modified by other programs, while open Subtitle Edit.exe

by Bench at 16-12-06 00:35
And if I select next Item (translation mode, Strg+Arrow down), the Item starts to play. Can I disable that?

by at 16-13-06 20:03
@Bench: I don't think I can improve it too much... is this portable version any better?
Move to next + auto play is kinda the meaning with "translation mode" - can't you just use "adjust mode"?

by at 16-13-06 20:11
@Andrew: "mpv" does not lock subtitles for me...
Edit: Perhaps you can try to re-download mpv via Options -> settings...

by Bench at 16-15-06 04:08
yeah, the waveform in the new beta is really much better. Thanks for that.

As for the other thing, when I'm in adjust mode, the text in the Item don't get selected, so I can't directly overwrite it. :(

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