Subtitle Edit 3.4.8

Another version of Subtitle Edit brings the version up to 3.4.8.

Change log:

  • New: Support for Blu-ray TextST - thx Timo/ndjamena
  • New: Added "Google it" to spell check dialog
  • Improved: Updated Chinese Simplified translation - thx Leon
  • Improved: Updated Danish translation
  • Improved: Updated Croatian OCR fix replace list - thx diomed & xylographe
  • Improved: Remove text for HI - "Remove if text contains" now allows multiple items separated by comma or semicolon - thx Jesper
  • Improved: Added fix for invalid time codes in Avid (bug in Avid) - thx Xenophon
  • Improved: All Google urls now use https
  • Fixed: "Discard" message in OCR when pressing "OK" (regression from 3.4.7) - thx Music Fan
  • Fixed: Blu-ray sup export with frame rate 23.976 (regression from 3.4.7) - thx Arjan
  • Fixed: Remebered value from Tools -> Adjust all times (regression from 3.4.7) - thx GH
  • Fixed: GT by using https - thx Sopor
  • Fixed: Crash after using "Split" - thx Krystian
  • Fixed: Bug regarding large data inside "Sami" files - thx hhgyu
  • Fixed: Bug regarding font tags without quote/apos in "Advanced Substation Alpha" - thx hhgyu
  • Fixed: Now comboboxes from "Remove text for HI " should save/restore last used value - thx Jesper
  • Fixed: Several issues with format "CIP" output - thx Victor
  • Fixed: Many minor fixes from Ivandrofly and xylographe

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