Subtitle Edit 3.4.6

Subtitle Edit 3.4.6 is now ready for download :)

Change log:

  • New: Added new subtitle formats (Sami YouTube and more)
  • New: Added waveform text size/bold to UI
  • New: Added filter to "Batch convert"
  • New: Added new shortcut: Copy text from original to current - thx megasmile
  • New: Added export functionality to "Statistics" window - thx Ivandrofly
  • New: Added custom shortcut for toggle textbox auto-duration - thx Tony
  • New: Added full frame option for export of FAB image script
  • New: Added TGA output to export of images - thx Øjvind
  • New: Added left/right margin to export of images - thx Øjvind
  • New: Support for VobSub/Blu-ray sup input in command line convert - thx lafe
  • Improved: Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
  • Improved: Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
  • Improved: Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Improved: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor
  • Improved: Updated German/French translations - thx xylographe
  • Improved: Updated Polish translation - thx admas
  • Improved: Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Taskbar icon progress info for batch-convert/dvd-rip/matroska+TS-import
  • Improved: Improved speed for "Auto-balance/unbreak lines" - thx Ivandrofly
  • Improved: Improved speed for "Multiple replace"
  • Fixed: Fixed bugs in ASS/SSA loading - thx kotuwa
  • Fixed: Fixed bug in spell check with auto change casing of http - thx Ivandrofly
  • Fixed: Change language in "Spell check" dialog now loads correct language lists - thx Sami
  • Fixed: Fixed missing rule for "Fix invalid italic tags" - thx Ivandrofly
  • Fixed: Fixed possible freeze in video player text - thx Mafu
  • Fixed: Fixed crash in "Merge lines with same time code" - thx Miguel
  • Fixed: Frame rate reading fix for format "Timed Text" - thx SwK
  • Fixed: Keep line style when converting from "Timed Text" to ASS - thx SwK
  • Fixed: Fixed Alt+Drag issue in waveform - thx Leon
  • Fixed: Fixed selected+unfocused rows for RTL in list view - thx gold
  • Fixed: Disabled native video player subtitles in MPlayer - thx larvanitis
  • Fixed: Handle possible crash in "Batch convert" - thx Ivandrofly
  • Fixed: "Multiple replace" remove line if only tag remains - thx Ivandrofly
  • Fixed: Some fixes for "unknown subtitle 17" - thx Pedro
  • Fixed: "Timed Text" now keeps separate text element div tags separate - thx Krystian
  • Fixed: Some fixes for .chk files - thx Mark
  • Fixed: Fixed bug in reading ASS/SSA from Matroska files
  • Fixed: Can now read EBU STL files with only one line - thx Stefan
  • Fixed: Fixed handling of bad Blu-ray sup files - thx The Snyper
  • Fixed: Fixed typo in Brazilian translation - thx Rubens
  • Fixed: Fixed bug in mplayer2 subtitle format - thx Maciek
  • Fixed: Fixed bug preventing compare from working in "History" window - thx xylographe
  • Fixed: Fix for Advanced Substation Alpha loading - thx Vic
  • Fixed: Fix for unwanted play/pause by click in list view after hiding VLC - thx Ivandrofly
  • Fixed: + Many minor fixes from Ivandrofly and xylographe

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