Subtitle Edit 3.4.5

Happy new year - and Subtitle Edit is now out in version 3.4.5 :)
This release contains the usual improvements and fixes (including bug fix for waveform out of sync for mkv files which was introduced in 3.4.4).

  • New: Basic read support for Ayato + Unipac format + unknown format
  • New: Import of DCinema subtitles from MXF files
  • New: Preview with background image for image export - thx Christophe
  • Improved: Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
  • Improved: Batch convert now remembers format - thx MM
  • Improved: Remove text for HI: Remove text before colon only if uppercase is now default - thx XhmikosR
  • Improved: Waveform text should now be easier to read + borders should also be easier to see
  • Improved: Allow for custom res for FCP-xml-image export - thx Ben
  • Improved: Import plain text now remembers split char - thx Yash
  • Fixed: Waveform/spectrogram was out of sync for mkv files
  • Fixed: Crash when reading multi-image Blu-ray sup files
  • Fixed: Export to images made weird "tails" for some letters/fonts - thx rebawest
  • Fixed: Possible bug when saving TTML files - thx Krystian
  • Fixed: Bug regarding "Remove dash in beginning of lines" - thx Robert
  • Fixed: Correct version number in Slovenian translation
  • Fixed: Fix for missed char after new line in PAC w16 - thx Max
  • Fixed: Fixed some bugs in split subtitle - thx kempniu
  • Fixed: Fixed mkv/mks support in "Batch convert" - thx Juan
  • Fixed: Fixed minor bug in Find-next - thx amerzone
  • Fixed: Fixed minor bug in Replace in source view
  • Fixed: Some fixes for "Remove text for HI" - thx Thunderbolt8
  • Fixed: Fix for "Split long lines" - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Some fixes in waveform regarding lines with empty time codes
  • Fixed: "Multiple replace" lines left empty are now removed

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