Subtitle Edit 3.4.4

Subtitle Edit is now out in version 3.4.4 with some nice fixes!

Change log:

  • New: Added export to EDL format + png (for Adobe Premiere) - thx Demian
  • New: Added "forced" option in export for Blu-ray/VobSub/BDN-xml
  • New: Added "/targetfps" parameter to command line conversion
  • Improved: Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
  • Improved: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor
  • Improved: Updated Mexican translation - thx paconaranjo
  • Improved: Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
  • Improved: Updated Polish translation - thx Admas
  • Improved: Updated Italian translation - thx SilverDrake
  • Improved: Updated Chinese Simplified translation - thx larsenlouis/Leon
  • Improved: Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Improved: Updated Slovenian translation - thx Hawk
  • Improved: Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Updated German translation - thx Siegwarth
  • Improved: Export to images now remembers shadow width
  • Improved: Display progress when reading Transport Stream files
  • Fixed: Compare window works again now - thx SimplyTheBOSS
  • Fixed: Changed duration via Waveform start/end is shown again - thx Quetsbeek/Mirko
  • Fixed: "Measurement converter" works again now - thx Quetsbeek
  • Fixed: Possible crash when saving as "EBU STL" - thx MartinDelille
  • Fixed: Encoding problems in online translate - thx jaroslav
  • Fixed: Don't merge short lines with music symbols - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Bug in "Fix common OCR errors" regarding URL/uppercase - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Center alignment bug in export to images
  • Fixed: Some fixes for "Remove text for HI" - thx Thunderbolt8
  • Fixed: Possible crash when working with SSA/ASS files
  • Fixed: Misc. issues for ALT + drag in waveform - thx Leon
  • Fixed: Minor fix for "unknown subtitle importer" (regarding tab)
  • Fixed: Bug regarding dialog in "auto break line" - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Crash in ts parser - thx Marilson
  • Fixed: Bug in "remove dash" in "Fix common errors" - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Bug when loading "multiple replace lists" - thx Ivandrofly

Thx for all the feedback and contributions :)

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