Subtitle Edit 3.4.3

Subtitle Edit 3.4.3 is now out so go download!

Change log:

  • New: Added Thai translation - thx Bonfelder Stra├če
  • New: MPC-HC can be now used as video player
  • New: Choosing of output time code format in Timed Text 1.0 properties
  • Improved: Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
  • Improved: Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
  • Improved: Updated Korean translation - the domddol
  • Improved: Updated Turkish translation - thx Kaan
  • Improved: Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea
  • Improved: OCR fix replace list now has a "user" file
  • Improved: Names etc list now has a "user" file
  • Improved: NHunspell updated to latest version - thx alfaproject
  • Improved: Improved "Fix invalid italic tags"
  • Improved: Allows for "" input in Timed Text 1.0
  • Improved: Better error messages when saving a file fails - thx Andrew
  • Improved: Some performance improvements
  • Fixed: Some typos + a few cases of incorrect casing
  • Fixed: Subtitle drag-n-drop bug - thx Andrew
  • Fixed: Crash in TS parser (reading AdaptationField) - thx SimplyTheBOSS
  • Fixed: Large memory leak in "Fix common errors" - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Bug in "frame-up-down-box" - thx Markus
  • Fixed: Sometimes missing color in Blu-ray sup files - thx minhjirachi
  • Fixed: Bug in undo when starting with no subtitle - thx Siegwarth
  • Fixed: Font end tag in SSA/ASS - thx Milad
  • Fixed: Bug in "Add missing dashes" + "remove unneeded spaces" - thx Andrew
  • Fixed: Bug in "Fix missing spaces"
  • Fixed: Version number in Romanian translation so now it's possible to use it
  • Fixed: Removed batch-convert prompt asking for PAC encoding
  • Fixed: Possible crash when opening a video file
  • Fixed: Auto-br issue when split was made at a blank at "max length+1" - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Crash when last used spelling dictionary was deleted
  • Fixed: Links for French, Polish, and Romanian spell check dictionaries

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