Subtitle Edit 3.4.2

Subtitle Edit now out in version 3.4.2 which contains many nice fixes and improvements.

Change log:

  • New: Added new subtitle format (200+ formats supported)
  • New: Added some read support for CHK files
  • New: Added "Plain text" to target format in "Batch convert" - thx Leon
  • New: Added "Bold" checkbox to subtitle preview settings in video player
  • New: Added new shortcuts
  • Improved: Updated Dutch language file - thx Quetsbeek
  • Improved: Updated Romanian language file - thx Mircea
  • Improved: Updated Portuguese language file - thx moob
  • Improved: Updated Brazilian language file - thx Igor
  • Improved: Updated German language file - thx Siegwarth
  • Improved: Updated Korean language file - thx domddol
  • Improved: Updated Polish language file - thx admas
  • Improved: Multiple replace - moving rules up/down now has effect instantly
  • Improved: Allow "Merge selected lines" for more lines
  • Improved: Save does not create a new hard link - thx xylographe/XhmikosR
  • Improved: Minor performance improvements
  • Improved: Added ".mxf" to list of known video formats - thx Haroldo
  • Fixed: Reverted "Framerate conversion fix" from 3.4.1
  • Fixed: "Split line" button appear wrongly - thx Quetsbeek
  • Fixed: Changes to interjections now work instantly
  • Fixed: Detection of SSA/ASS tags in remove text for HI - thx Thunderbolt8
  • Fixed: Minor bug in "Fix missing period" - thx Joel
  • Fixed: It's now possible to turn "Check for updates" off
  • Fixed: Issue with end-of-italics and SSA/ASS - thx John
  • Fixed: Issue with "..." in "Fix common OCR errors" - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Issue regarding "Fix start with uppercase after paragraph" - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: PAC reading (regarding W16)
  • Fixed: PAC reading (stopped before end of file in some files) - thx Massimo
  • Fixed: Bad xml tag in spanish ocr fix list - thx DavidGDFC
  • Fixed: "MicroDvd" sub compare - thx SimplyTheBOSS
  • Fixed: Regular expression replace in main window - thx ivandrofly
  • Fixed: Bug in "Fix invalid italic tags" - thx XhmikosR
  • Fixed: Can now load Norwegian Tesseract dic - thx Stian

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