My name is Nikolaj Lynge Olsson and I was born the 15th February 1973 in Denmark.

I've been working as a software developer since 1994 (DB2/Cobol/Lotus Notes/Delphi/Visual Basic/MS SQL/.NET/MVC/JQuery).

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My interests


Having the same hobby as ones work seems weird to some - and maybe it is. But I just can't help it: I just love programming ;)


I like fishing a lot, but seems to lack the time. The beautiful lakes with trouts in Sweden or trolling salmon from Simrishamn are good stuff:)
Smedsvattnet ved Uddevalla Smedsvattnet ved Uddevalla
Simrishamn Simrishamn


I do like books a lot - especially scifi/fantasy. Lately I haved read a few fantasy trilogies by Trudi Canavan - she is brilliant!

The Dune scifi saga by Frank Herbert + Brian Herbert / Kevin Anderson is also good reading.

Isaac Asimov scifi books/novelles are also superb even though there are written many years ago.

I also like the Harry Potter books - and the kids love them:)

Even some Danish scifi exists, SOLAR by Brian Roland Larsen - pretty good story.

Just surfing the web

As most ppl these days, I need to check my (g)mail and a couple of news sites (like Slashdot and Newz.dk) every day.