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Subtitle Edit 3.5.2

Subtitle Edit 3.5.2 is ready for download.

Change log (partial):

  • Added optional list view columns "chars/sec" + "words/min"
  • New setting for waveform: Set video position when moving start/end
  • Added preview text inside video for "libmpv"
  • Fixed play current/selection not stopping - thx rhazor
  • Fixed fast forward waveform scrolling with mouse wheel
  • Fixed bug in spell check "change word" regarding "¿?" - thx locotus
  • Fix in "Fix common errors" regarding de-selected fixes - thx Tronar  
  • Fixed italic rendering issue in format DCinema SMPTE - thx Miga
  • Fixed bug in image export - thx marb99
  • "Fix common errors" - only delete/merge line still enables "OK" button
  • "Batch convert" - don't clear ASS/SSA style after format change - thx Thunderbolt8
  • Fix for multi-line italic in format TTML 1.0 - thx nathaniel1977
  • Fixed "libmpv" re-open video issue

Subtitle Edit 3.5.1

Subtitle Edit is out in version 3.5.1 :)

This release contains mostly minor bug fixes and thx to var1ap Subtitle Edit can now use libmpv media player on Linux.

Subtitle Edit 3.5

Subtitle Edit version 3.5 is now available :)

This release contains:

  • "Multiple replace" is now organized in groups
  • Can now generate scene changes (via FFmpeg) + other scene changes improvements
  • Many new subtitle formats
  • Many new shortcuts
  • Many fixes, e.g. in "spell check, "auto-translate", and "compare"
Download and full change log

Video player and wave-form are now default visible - you can toggle show/hide in the toolbar.

Generating scene changes requires FFmpeg and you must point to the FFmpeg.exe in Options -> Settings -> Waveform - Path to FFmpeg.

In "Multiple replace" you can import rules by right-clicking in the rules list view and choose "Import...".


Subtitle Edit 3.4.13

Subtitle Edit 3.4.13 is out now :)

This time we have the usual fixes/improvements and a new Breton translation, "Video offset", new subtitle formats - read more in the change log.

Subtitle Edit 3.4.12

Subtitle Edit is now available in version 3.4.12 :)

This release contains the usual minor fixes and improvements and well as Norwegian translation. It's no longer possible to use mplayer, but support for mpv has been added which works much better than mplayer in SE.

Download and full change log

Subtitle Edit 3.4.11

SE 3.4.11 is out now. Enjoy :)

Subtitle Edit 3.4.10

And... a quick update of Subtitle Edit brings the version number to 3.4.10.

Change log:

  • New: Audio visualizer waveform filled - thx jdpurcell
  • Fixed: Crash in "Visual sync" - thx aMvEL / Bolshevik
  • Fixed: "Fix common errors in selected lines" - thx ingo
  • Fixed: Audio visualizer "Seek silence" - thx jdpurcell
  • Fixed: Audio visualizer "Guess time codes" - thx jdpurcell
  • Fixed: Possible startup crash with tiny or bad video file - thx ttvd94
  • Fixed: Alpha in ASS styles - thx ravi
  • Fixed: Line splitter regarding unicode 8242 char

Subtitle Edit 3.4.9

Subtitle Edit 3.4.9 comes with a huge change log. SE 3.4.8 had a bad bug regarding Sami and italic which is fixed now and many fixes and improvements has been made to the waveform / spectrogram.
Go download now :)

Subtitle Edit 3.4.8

Another version of Subtitle Edit brings the version up to 3.4.8.

Change log:

  • New: Support for Blu-ray TextST - thx Timo/ndjamena
  • New: Added "Google it" to spell check dialog
  • Improved: Updated Chinese Simplified translation - thx Leon
  • Improved: Updated Danish translation
  • Improved: Updated Croatian OCR fix replace list - thx diomed & xylographe
  • Improved: Remove text for HI - "Remove if text contains" now allows multiple items separated by comma or semicolon - thx Jesper
  • Improved: Added fix for invalid time codes in Avid (bug in Avid) - thx Xenophon
  • Improved: All Google urls now use https
  • Fixed: "Discard" message in OCR when pressing "OK" (regression from 3.4.7) - thx Music Fan
  • Fixed: Blu-ray sup export with frame rate 23.976 (regression from 3.4.7) - thx Arjan
  • Fixed: Remebered value from Tools -> Adjust all times (regression from 3.4.7) - thx GH
  • Fixed: GT by using https - thx Sopor
  • Fixed: Crash after using "Split" - thx Krystian
  • Fixed: Bug regarding large data inside "Sami" files - thx hhgyu
  • Fixed: Bug regarding font tags without quote/apos in "Advanced Substation Alpha" - thx hhgyu
  • Fixed: Now comboboxes from "Remove text for HI " should save/restore last used value - thx Jesper
  • Fixed: Several issues with format "CIP" output - thx Victor
  • Fixed: Many minor fixes from Ivandrofly and xylographe

Subtitle Edit 3.4.7

Subtitle Edit 3.4.7 is now ready for download!

  • New: Added (some) read support for PNS files
  • New: Added (some) read support for Timeline files
  • New: Added Croatian OCRFixReplaceList list - thx diomed & xylographe
  • New: Added Serbian OCRFixReplaceList
  • Improved: PAC now supports write of Chinese
  • Improved: Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
  • Improved: Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Updated Hungarian translation - thx Jozo
  • Improved: Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Improved: Updated Finnish translation - thx Teijo S.
  • Improved: Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier
  • Improved: Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea
  • Improved: Updated Brazil translation - thx Igor
  • Improved: Updated Croatian translation - thx diomed
  • Improved: Updated many spell check dictionaries - thx ivandrofly
  • Improved: Added drag-n-drop support in waveform batch generate - thx ThiefMaster
  • Improved: Added drag-n-drop support for directories in "Batch convert" - thx ivandrofly
  • Improved: Persistent find history - thx vmb
  • Improved: Show friendly message if user tries to load JPG file - thx ivandrofly
  • Improved: Show friendly message if user tries to load a file containing only binary zeroes
  • Improved: Export to BDN XML/PNG now also supports 8-bit png files - thx franontanaya
  • Improved: Export to Blu-ray sup now also supports full frame - thx oallouch
  • Improved: Added two new fields for EBU regarding programme start time
  • Fixed: wrong styles in SSA - thx alundpeggybundy
  • Fixed: Multiple blank lines added after editing SSA/ASS properties
  • Fixed: Fix in "Change casing" regarding "don't" - thx Chamallow
  • Fixed: Missing last blank "Sami" end tag - thx domddol
  • Fixed: Possible crash when importing vobsub in mkv files
  • Fixed: Extra space after remove text for HI - thx ivandrofly/sbraz
  • Fixed: Minor fix for "Unknown subtitle format 42" - thx Carles
  • Fixed: Minor fix for italic in auto-translate - thx Shahrukh
  • Fixed: Bug in "Remove text for HI" regarding italic/interjections - thx Thunderbolt8
  • Fixed: Bug in "Remove text for HI" regarding quotes - thx Thunderbolt8
  • Fixed: Export to images: Some fixes for alignment + full frame
  • Fixed: Don't load video when canceling mkv import - thx Andreas
  • Fixed: Avoid crash in "Plugins" (due to culture specific decimal separator) - thx marb99
  • Fixed: Bug reading YouTube sbv files - thx msl521
  • Fixed: Support for Tesseract 3.03RC - thx YamashitaRen
  • Fixed: Dead networking service (for networking sessions)
  • Fixed: Fix for italic support in span in TTML 1.0 - thx Mampfi
  • Fixed: Fix for (possible) "culture is not supported" crash when changing language - thx XuTpuK
  • Fixed: Bug in writing "Subtitle Editor Project" format - thx Christina
  • Fixed: Always re-number in batch convert - thx Ede123
  • Fixed: DCinema interop custom language setting - thx F-5
  • Fixed: Some bugs in Karaoke/typewriter effect regarding tags - thx domddol
  • Fixed: + Many minor fixes from Ivandrofly and xylographe